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The Last Of Us Part 2 Is 50% Bigger Than Previous Game

The Last Of Us Part 2

The Last Of Us Part 2 is coming soon and in the recent few days, we have got plenty of details concerning the upcoming game. We know that the game is not going to have a multiplayer mode even though it was confirmed at E3. We also know that this is not going to be an open-world game but there will be some choices that the player can make and plenty of side quests as well.

Halley Gross, a screenwriter who collaborates with Naughty Dog in the development of The Last of Us Part 2 talked about the extensiveness of the game and mentioned that the game is about 50% bigger when compared to the previous installment. Here is what she had to say regarding the matter:

We consider the game to be around 50% bigger than The Last of Us, but it’s massive not only in extension, but that all our levels are bigger and wider, we have more cinematic sequences, we have more characters, we have more animations. We have larger melee systems; in every way, the game is bigger and better.

How Long To Beat mentions that the previous game took around 15.5 hours on average to complete. It also mentions that the upcoming installment will take around 23 hours. That is pretty extensive if you ask me and I think that the fans of the series think the same as well.

Even though The Last Of Us Part 2 does not have a multiplayer mode, the developer has teased that it is working on a multiplayer game. We have little information regarding what this game is but it should be very interesting indeed.

The Last Of Us Part 2 is coming out on February 21, 2020, for the PS4. Let us know what you think about the game and whether or not you are interested in playing it.

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