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Death Stranding Trailers Reveal Plot When Watched In The Right Order

Death Stranding Plot

Death Stranding is one of the most anticipated games that are going to release in 2019. There is a lot that we have learned about the game but there is still plenty that we do not know much about. Kojima talked about the plot of Death Stranding and he mentioned that players will need to actually play the game in order to figure it out.

He mentioned that playing the game is part of the whole experience. That could be the main reason why so much regarding the game is being kept a secret and that we only get to see weird trailers. Kojima also mentioned that the plot makes sense if you watch the Death Stranding trailers in the proper chronological order. Here is what he had to say regarding the matter:

If I say how much of the game you need to complete, it will be no longer interesting. The game will become more and more engaging, and gradually the whole story will be revealed. You have to play it – it should be part of the process, part of enjoying the game. If I had to say – probably after completing a third of the game, you will more or less understand what is happening. And of course, the trailers that we have released are scenes from the game. Perhaps, if you put them in the correct chronological order, the storyline will become clear.

As of right now, we are not sure what the proper chronological order is. The first trailer might be the first in line as it does talk about the “bang”. Other than that, it is anyone’s guess. I am sure that someone is going to look into the details and figure it out eventually and we will keep you updated regarding the matter if that does happen.

In other news related to the game, Kojima has talked about how the game is related to Trump, America and the EU. He also responded to comment about Death Stranding being a walking simulator.

Death Stranding will be available to play on the PS4 on November 8, 2019. Let us know what you think about the game and whether or not you are interested in checking it out when it releases.

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