The LawBreakers Creator Just Pitched a revival

The LawBreakers Creator Just Pitched a revival

Cliff Bleszinski which we all know as the creator/director of the LawBreakers game published a tweet that really peaked the interest of his followers that there’s a chance that a revival version of the game will indeed happen. This happened about a month ago. 

However more recently, he took it a step further by mentioning it again and suggesting that a revival might work. That’s at least one note we can see about this possibility, but one thing we all need to remember is that Nexon is the company that published the game and it fact still owns the rights to it. 

What we know is that Bleszinski reached out to Nexon CEO to ” talk about a resurrection ” of the game. 

Currently there’s no real indication that this will happen, but I guess it’s better than nothing. 

The first tweet from Bleszinski about this was on April 19 where he spoke about a possible LawBreakers advancement. However as we mentioned Nexon CEO did not really reply to it even though he was tagged in the tweet. 

LawBreakers and the other game developed by Boss Key Productions Radical Heights were not really considered a success as they were not able to gather enough popularity and players, after these games Bleszinski actually stepped away from developing more games, and decided to take a little break. 

Another interesting thing is that a user asked Bleszinski if he would make another Jazz Jackrabbit game but based on the response of Cliff, it was pretty clear ” kinda over the whole making games thing for a while “.

It’s pretty clear he is not interested in returning to developing games at least not in the near future. So you might ask, wait we just said he hinted he would be interested to see a LawBreakers revival, so what gives? Well, it’s safe to say that he would be interested in taking part as a consultant and not as a creator or developer. He followed that up with another tweet. 

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