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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Demon Hunter Mask Location

The Division 2 Demon Mask

The Demon Mask is one of the 12 Hidden Hunter Masks featured in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2; the latest video game developed by Massive Entertainment and published by Ubisoft for PS4Xbox One, and PC.

The Division 2 Demon Mask can be obtained by killing a dangerous Hunter in the Downtown East area of the game. In this area, you’ll also find the Crimson Mask.

Since this unique item has specific requirements, our guide explains how to get it and how to make the secret Hunter spawn.

Division 2 Demon Mask Hunter Location

The location where you’ll find the hidden Hunter who has the Demon Mask can be seen on our map below.

It is an inner courtyard inside a rather large building, east of Demolition Site Control Point and west of the Theater Settlement.

To make things easier, before attempting to kill this hidden boss, take over the said control point so you can reach this location faster in case things don’t go as planned.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Demon Mask Hunter Location


As with most Division 2 Hunter Masks (such as the Wraith Mask for example), you’ll have to visit this spot at night. This means usually after 7:00 PM. You can see what time of day is by accessing the Photo Mode from the Main Menu.

Finally, make sure that you complete all Division 2 side-missions, as one of them takes place in this spot. If you don’t play the said mission, you may not be able to enter this location.

Once you reach the marked spot, look around to notice 2 large stones on an upper ledge. Nearby you can also see a yellow cover you can use to get to the small balcony where the said rocks are located.

Get there and place yourself between the two rocks.

Puzzle Solution

While standing between the rocks, check the windows on the building right across the courtyard. Here you should see 4 targets.

Noice that they are diagonally placed.

The Division 2 Demon Mask PuzzleFrom left to right, left being the highest one; shoot these targets once. Preferably with a marksman rifle.

Once you shoot the last one which is the one on the right as you face the building, the Hunter will spawn on the ground.

Killing the Demon Mask Hunter

Although this boss is intended for groups, you can definitely kill him without help from others.

This particular Division 2 Hunter, disables most of your gadgets, which means that your build is what you’ll rely on.

We managed to take this one down with a Sharpshooter. Try to chase the Hunter and stop him from healing himself.

Staying behind covers to avoid his devastating attacks is mandatory.

A common issue is that if you get killed and return to this area, the Demon Mask Hunter won’t spawn again. To fix this, try to logout and then return to this spot.

The Division 2 Hidden Demon Mask

Equipping The Division 2 Demon Mask

Once you kill the Hunter loot the Demon Mask. If you wish to equip it, open your Inventory, then access the Apparel tab.

Now check the Masks section in the upper right corner.

Along with the Demon Mask, you’ll also get an Ivory Key from this Hunter.

The Division 2 Ivory Key can be used to open a weapon box (see below) at the White House. This box is located in the same room as the Barber.

Fast Travel to the Headquarters at the White House, and check the right side of the main corridor on the bottom floor.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Ivory Keys Weapon Box Location

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