Warframe Yareli Guide: How To Get, Create Bash Lab

Warframe Yareli

Yareli is the latest Warframe that the developers are adding to the game. She will be available after the release of the Sisters of Parvos update. Players will need to acquire resources to use in the blueprint of Yareli. This Warframe guide will include all the details on how to get Yareli and how to make the new Bash Lab. 

How to get Yareli in Warframe

Yareli has an ability named Murlina, where she spawns a health-based k-drive. She can drive around in her K-drive during missions and let Murlina tank some of the damage. Her damaging ability is Aquablades, in which Yareli casts a swirl of blades around her. This deals damage to enemies who are close to her. Her Cyclone Strike deals airborne to enemies in a radius and deals AOE damage. 


You can acquire Yareli by completing her blueprint. The first thing is to acquire her blueprint. Players will need to complete the Vox Solaris quest and then the Waverider quest. Once you acquire the blueprint, you will need resources for Yareli’s blueprint. To get these, you need the Bash Lab added to the game with the Sisters of Parvos update. Similar to Tenno and Chem Lab, you can build the Bash Lab in the Clan Dojo. You will be able to earn the resources by completing researches in the Bas Lab. 

Creating the Bash Lab

To start, you need to go to the Clan Dojo and search for “Bash Lab” in the search bar. Of course, the Bash Lab will require resources of its own. Those are Tenno Lab, 2 Capacity, and 5 Energy. On top of these, you will also need 1000 Credits, 450 Ferrite, 250 Circuits, 100 Thermal Sludge, and 1 Forma depending on Clan. After you use all of these resources to create the Bash Lab, the next thing will be to create Yareli. Yareli has three types of research, and you can research all of them at the same time. 

Yareli’s Chasis research requires 10,000 Credits, 1 Mutagen Mass, 1 Morphics, 500 Polymer Bundle, and 1,000 Salvage. For Yareli’s Neuroptics research, you need 10,000 Credits, 1 Detonite Injector, 1 Neurodes, 500 Rubedo, and 1,000 Alloy Plate. For Yareli’s Systems research, you need 10,000 Credits, 1 Fieldron, 1 Gallium, 500 Circuits, and 1,000 Nano Spores. Once you acquire all these and create the blueprint, you will acquire Yareli for yourself. 

This is how you can get Yareli in Warframe. If you want to learn more then you can check out our guide on how you can get the K-Drive Hoverboard.

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