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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Theater Comms Collectibles Locations

Theater Comms are also Collectibles featured in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, the third-person shooter videogame developed by Massive Entertainment for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The Division 2 includes 8 Theater Comms you can find while exploring Washington D.C. and the following guide explains how to collect all of them.

These collectibles offer information on various characters from the Theater Zone.

For collecting a Theater Comm in The Division 2, you’ll receive XP (the amount depends on your level); and if you manage to find all collectibles in this subset, you’ll be rewarded with 5000 XP as well as E-Credits.

The Division 2 Theater Comms, just like the Government Comms, Campus Comms or Castle Comms can be collected in any order. Here is where to find them.

Downtown East Theater Comms Locations

The following map shows all The Division 2 Theater Comms Collectibles in Downtown East.

Division 2 Downtown East Theater Comms Locations Map

1. Addiction

Description: ”A concerned civilian tries to get Peter to stop taking spice.”

Location: This Theater Comm is located between Demolition Site Control Point and Final Epiphany Safe House. Look for it on the ground, in a back alley, right behind a van.
Division 2 Addiction Theater Comm Collectible Location

2. Peter Problems

Description: ”Odessa scolds her daughter for being careless and spending time with Peter.”

Location: West from the previous Division 2 Theater Comm in an underground parking lot. Look for it on an upper ledge, next to a barrel.
Division 2 Peter Problems Theater Comm Collectible Location

3. Settling Down

Description: ”A small group of survivors, decide to make the Theater their home.”

Location: West from the Theater Settlement in a loading area. You can enter from the main street. Look for it on the ground. The entrance features a large truck.
Division 2 Settling Down Theater Comm Collectible Location

4. New Crew

Description: ”Two civilians contemplate joining the Hyenas, Odessa sets them straight.”

Location: Trickier to get, this Theater Comm sits on a bench in a metro tunnel. To get it, find the entrance to the metro station. You should see it at the intersection of F St. Northwest and 12th St. Northwest.
Division 2 New Crew Theater Comm Collectible Location

5. Hyena Interrogation

Description: ”Odessa Sawyer interrogates a Hyena.”

Location: Found on the ground in a back alley, next to a ramp.

Division 2 Hyena Interrogation Theater Comm Collectible Location

Federal Triangle Theater Comms Locations

The following map shows all The Division 2 Theater Comms Collectibles in Federal Triangle.

Division 2 Federal Triangle Theater Comms Locations Map

6. Firearms Training

Description: ”Odessa Sawyer trains civilians in how to properly handle firearms.”

Location: North of Navy Plaza Control Point, you’ll find this collectible on a balcony. To get there you can use the trash bin in the back alley. Look for it in the grass.

Division 2 Firearms Training Theater Comm Collectible Location

7. Strategy

Description: ”Odessa Sawyer and Agent Kelso talk shop and make a plan for keeping the Theater settlement safe.”

Location: Look for this collectible on the upper platform of a checkpoint, on the main street.

Division 2 Firearms Training Theater Comm Collectible Location

Judiciary Square Theater Comms Locations

The following map shows all The Division 2 Theater Comms Collectibles in Judiciary Square.

Division 2 Judiciary Square Theater Comms Locations Map

8. Sustainable Power

Description: ”Two engineers make a plan to build a wind turbine to power the Theater Settlement.”

Location: This Division 2 collectible sits on a desk inside a gray building. Look for it on the ground floor close to some shelves.

Division 2 Sustainable Power Theater Comm Collectible Location

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