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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Castle Comms Collectibles Locations

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Castle Comms is another type of Collectibles you have to find while playing the third-person shooter video game developed by Massive Entertainment for PlayStation 4Xbox One, and PC.

Similar to the Theater Comms and Campus Comms, the Castle Comms in Division 2, are recordings that offer valuable information about the events that occurred in the past, and somehow have a connection with the Castle Settlement.

The Division 2 Castle Comms Subset includes 4 recordings you need to find; however as you may notice, there is no way to make their locations appear on your map.

Therefore, if you wish to find all Castle Comms Collectibles in Division 2, you should use our guide below which shows where to look for them.

As with all other Division 2 Collectibles, if you manage to find a Castle Comm you’ll receive  XP, and if you complete the set, you’ll be awarded even more XP as well as 4750 E-Credits.

Without further ado, let’s start looking for all The Division 2 Castle Comms Collectibles.

Southwest Castle Comms Locations

The following map shows all The Division 2 Castle Comms in the Southwest area.

Division 2 Southwest Castle Comms Locations Map

1. Keeping Watch

Description: ”Castle leaders track an increase in hostile activity.”

Location: This Castle Comm Collectible is located at the intersection of 9th St. SW and a Driveway north of D St. SW.

You should notice that it’s just north-east from the Jefferson Plaza Castle Mission. As pictured below, you’ll find this Comm on a trailer inside a passage.

To get to it, use the rope on the right side of the passage to descend.

Division 2 Keeping Watch Castle Comm Collectible Location

2. Paying Tribute

Description: ”Castle leaders voice their concerns with “paying tribute” to the True Sons.

Location: The second Division 2 Castle Comm Collectible sits on an upper ledge inside a courtyard.

It is quite easy to locate using our map above, and you’ll most likely find it while collecting the SHD Tech Caches in Southwest.

The location we have marked is several steps east of The Choke Control Point.

Division 2 Paying Tribute Castle Comm Collectible Location

East Mall Castle Comms Locations

The following map shows all The Division 2 Castle Comms Collectibles in East Mall.

Division 2 East Mall Castle Comms Locations Map

3. Castle Treaty

Description: ”The treaty between the True Sons and the Castle settlement is strained.”

Location: The second Division 2 Castle Comm is a little trickier to get.

As you can see on our map above this one is located inside a large building known as the Museum of Native Peoples.

When you get inside, you’ll find yourself in the lobby. Use the elevator shaft on the right side to get to the first floor.

From here, locate the bathroom and you’ll find two more ropes that will help you get to the second floor. When you exit on the said floor, you’ll see the collectible nest to some rocks.

Division 2 Castle Treaty Castle Comm Collectible Location

4. Questioning Authority

Description: ”Castle leaders argue about their relationship with the True Sons.”

Location: More accessible, the third and final Castle Comm in Division 2 can also be found in the East Mall area.

Look for it by a carousel (pictured below), just several steps north-west of The Ring Safehouse, or south-west of Sinkhole Control Point.

We suggest getting this one while collecting the SHD Tech Caches in East Mall.

Division 2 Questioning Authority Castle Comm Collectible Location

Did you find all Castle Comms in The Division 2? If you have questions, post them in the comments section below and feel free to check our Division 2 Wiki Hub for similar guides.

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