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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Government Comms Collectibles Locations

Government Comms are Collectibles featured in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, the third-person shooter videogame developed by Massive Entertainment for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The Division 2 includes 13 Government Comms you can find while exploring Washington D.C. and the following guide explains how to collect all of them.

These collectibles provide additional information on how officials reacted before and during the events depicted in the game.

For collecting a Government Comm in The Division 2, you’ll receive XP, and if you manage to find all collectibles in this subset, you’ll be rewarded with 5000 XP and E-Credits.

While a large majority can be found in the White House Zone, for some of them you’ll have to travel to high-level zones.

The Division 2 Government Comms can be collected in any order, just like the Theater Comms, Campus Comms, and Castle Comms. Here is where to find them.

White House Government Comms Locations

The following map shows all The Division 2 Government Comms Collectibles in White House Zone.
Division 2 White House Government Comms Locations Map

1. Bipartisan Support

Description: ” A large bipartisan group, form all levels of the government, put their squabbling aside and assemble to volunteer at local hospitals and emergency relief shelters.”

Location: This Government Comm is located on the ground next to the large white monument, on the left side while facing the White House.

Division 2 Bipartisan Support Government Comm Collectible Location

2. Black Friday Briefing

Description: ” First POTUS briefing on the outbreak where he receives privileged information, hinting at the scope of the disaster.”

Location: You’ll find it on a small round table on a basketball court. To get inside the said court, go around it and look for a small paved alley. Shoot the lock on the gate and collect the comm.

Division 2 Black Friday Briefing Government Comm Collectible Location

3. Aides Assemble

Description: ” A group of underpaid, overcaffeinated aides, work through the night on last-minute amendments to a bill, despite all the horror around them. Their blinkers are on, their phones are off.”

Location: On the left side of the stairs leading to a large white building. Easy to spot, next to a plant.

Division 2 Aides Assemble Comm Collectible Location

4. Possible Subterfuge

Description: ” Former Vice President Mendez, after being sworn as POTUS, shares his suspicions with Andrew Ellis.”

Location: Close to the White House, on a garden table.

Division 2 Possible Subterfuge Comm Collectible Location

5. Directive 51

Description: ” POTUS, VP, and Speaker of the House meet to discuss invoking Directive 51.”

Location: Inside the building next to the previous collectible, in a room right behind the Oval Office. Look for it on a table.

Division 2 Directive 51 Government Comm Collectible Location

6. Border Control

Description: ” POTUS discusses border policies with the president of Mexico.”

Location: Inside the same building where you found the previous Division 2 Government Comm, check the presidential office.

Division 2 Border Control Government Comm Collectible Location

7. 25th Amendment

Description: “White House staff members learn that POTUS has died.”

Location: Inside your HQ on the balcony on the first floor. The balcony oversees the northern yard and a pool.

Division 2 25th Amendment Government Comm Collectible Location

8. Raven Rock

Description: “Politicians talking about evacuating to a secure location.”

Location: In a back-alley in the northern section of the Washington area.

Division 2 Raven Rock Government Comm Collectible Location

East Mall Government Comm Location

The following map shows The Division 2 Government Comms Collectible in East Mall Zone.
Division 2 East Mall Government Comms Locations Map

9. Black Box

Description: “Air Force One black box tape.”

Location: Inside the remains of the Air Force One plane. Look for it in the luggage area, on the bottom floor.

West Potomac Park Government Comm Location

The following map shows The Division 2 Government Comms Collectible in West Potomac Park Zone.

Division 2 West Potomac Park Government Comms Locations Map

10. Essential Evacuation

Description: “Evacuation of key government staff from Washington.”

Location: On the balcony of a building close to the helipad. The collectible is on a metal table and nearby you should see a white desk.

Division 2 Essential Evacuation Government Comm Collectible Location

West End Government Comm Location

The following map shows The Division 2 Government Comms Collectible in West End Zone.
Division 2 West End Government Comms Locations Map

11. DC-62 Trials

Description: “Government officials decide whether or not to use DC-62.”

Location: On a blue table inside a medical tent close to a red tour bus.

Division 2 DC-62 Trials Government Comm Collectible Location

Southwest Government Comm Location

The following map shows The Division 2 Government Comms Collectible in the Southwest Zone.
Division 2 Southwest Government Comms Locations Map

12. Keener Briefing

Description: “Meeting to discuss Keener, the Rogue Agents in NYC, and activating the second wave.”

Location: In a back alley, behind a large building. The collectible is behind a fence. Shoot the lock if needed.

13. UN Briefing

Description: “President Mendez meets with the UN to ascertain the effects of Green Poison around the globe.”

Location: Look for it on a yellow forklift next to a fence.

Division 2 UN Briefing Government Comm Collectible Location

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