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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: East Mall SHD Tech Caches Locations

Six SHD Tech Caches are located in the East Mall area of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, the third-person shooter video game developed by Massive Entertainment for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The East Mall SHD Tech Caches contain SHD Tech Points that allow you to unlock new Perks and to upgrade your agent’s Skills at the Base of Operation; therefore you should try to collect after those in Downtown East and Federal Triangle.

Once you get all of them, return to Coop Dennison at the White House and spend the SHD Tech Points to improve your agent by upgrading the skills or by purchasing new perks.

Additionally, collecting at least 4 SHD Tech Caches is a requirement for the East Mall Liberation Project.

East Mall SHD Tech Caches Locations

The following map shows all The Division 2 SHD Tech Caches in the East Mall area.

SHD Tech Cache 1

This Division 2 East Mall Tech Cache sits on the ground at the entrance of a blocked tunnel.

Look for it next to a truck which is blocking the entrance to the said tunnel.

Division 2 East Mall SHD Tech Cache Location 1


SHD Tech Cache 2

The second SHD Tech Cache on our Division 2 map is inside an underground pipe.

Simply look for the entrance next to a yellow excavator and you should spot it near several looting containers. Make sure you also get the Crafting Materials inside.

Division 2 East Mall SHD Tech Cache Location 2

SHD Tech Cache 3

Just like the first SHD Cache in this area, the third one is found at the entrance of a blocked tunnel.

Look for it north of Sinkhole Control Point, near a red tour bus.

If you look around you should also spot the Death and Taxes True Sons Common Collectible nearby.

Division 2 East Mall SHD Tech Cache Location 3

SHD Tech Cache 4

The next SHD Tech on our map is on an underground passage.

The entrance is located at the intersection of Jefferson Dr. SW and 7th St. SW, next to a red bus.

Once inside follow the main tunnel and you’ll see it next to some stairs leading down.

Division 2 East Mall SHD Tech Cache Location 4

SHD Tech Cache 5

This SHD Tech Cache is located behind a red tent and in front of a chair.

You can find it at the entrance of another blocked tunnel, close to 4th St Sw.

Division 2 East Mall SHD Tech Cache Location 5

SHD Tech Cache 6

Inside the botanic garden, on the ground floor you’ll find the last Tech Cache in East Mall.

Look for it behind a large vase with a plant, just like the one pictured below.

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