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Code Vein

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Code Vein Survivor Vestige Parts Locations Guide

Code Vein Survivor Vestige

The Survivor Blood Code in Code Vein focuses on Dexterity and boasts gifts that are useful in battle. In this Code Vein guide, we are going to go over where you can find all the Survivor vestige parts in the game.

The owner of the Blood Code is Carmilla and you can find if in the Ashen Caverns. The Blood Code offers 7 gifts.

Where To Find Survivor Vestige Parts In Code Vein

The Survivor Vestige I can be repaired with Vestige part A. Vestige II can be repaired with part B. Vestige III can be repaired with part C. The following is where you can find all these Vestige parts in the game:

Vestige Part Where To Find
A Found at Ashen Cavern. From Accumulator Ruins Mistle take the further right path leading back. Vestige is in the second hollow space on your left
B Found at Ashen Cavern. From Ashen Cavern Entrance Mistle head into the location and take the right path. Next, take the right path and right path again. That will lead you to path leading up. In the middle go right. At the end is a small drop then go right. Vestige is at the end next to a Rotten Mistle.
C Found at Ashen Cavern. From Accumulator Ruins Mistle you can see the vestige across the chasm. To get there just hug the left side of the area.


This is where you can find the Survivor Vestige parts in Code Vein. The Blood Code has 7 gifts and the following is what you need to know about them:

Gift Survivor Tree Type Gift Type Description
Leak Resistance Light Passive Increases leak resistance.
Vitality Up Light Passive Increases Vitality by one step.
Life Steal Dark Passive Restores HP upon defeating enemies.
Valiant Heart Light Active Enhances kinetic vision and reflexes, reducing the stamina cost of dodging.
Guard Stability Light Active Temporarily reduces the stamina cost of guarding.
Leak Removal Light Active Cures you and your partner of leak. Can block the effect if used before being afflicted.
Treasure Tracker Light Active Uncollected items within a certain range will appear on your radar.


If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our Blood Codes guide.

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