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Code Vein Hunter Vestige Parts Locations Guide

Code Vein Hunter Vestige

Hunter is another Blood Code in Code Vein and in this guide, we are going to go over where you can find all the vestige parts for this Blood Code.

The hunter vestige core can be found in the ruined city center. After the cutscene with the human blood at the parking garage mistle. You can find the core near a chest in the area with the Blood Trial. With the core, you can now find the vestige parts and repair the vestiges.

Where To Find All Hunter Vestige Parts In Code Vein

In order to repair Vestige I, you need the vestige part A. Vestige II requires Vestige part B. III requires Vestige part C and IV requires Vestige part D. The following is where you can find all the Hunter Vestige parts in Code Vein:

Vestige Part Where To Find
A Found in the Ruined City Center, past the Parking Garage mistle. Explore the area until you come back to a portion underneath the Parking Garage mistle. There are some stairs leading up to the door that could not be opened. Break the boxes at the bottom of the staircase to get the item.
B Found in the Ruined City Center, past the Underground Parking mistle. After the Invasion ambush, continue to explore and find a group of 3 hounds and a Stone Crusher. After defeating them, break the nearby red glass capsules to find the vestige.
C Found in the Ruined City Center. Break some boxes on the top floor of the garage, you’ll find the Vestige inside one of them.
D Found in the Ruined City Center. After unlocking the door near the Parking Garage mistle, you’ll go downstairs and cross a thorn bridge toward 3 Bayonet Lost and 1 Stone-Crusher Lost. After defeating them, carefully walk to the edge of a nearby thorn and pick it up.


This is how you can get all the Vestige parts for the Hunter Blood Code in the game. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our Code Vein Blood Codes guide.

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