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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: West End SHD Tech Caches Locations

Only five SHD Tech Caches can be retrieved from the West End area of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, the videogame developed by Massive Entertainment for PS4Xbox One, and PC.

The Division 2 West End SHD Tech Caches include SHD Tech Points that allow you to unlock new Perks and to upgrade your agent’s Skills at the White House.

Even though you can collect whenever you want, we suggest going after them once you find those available in Judiciary Square, Foggy Bottom, and Constitution Hall.

The SHD Tech Caches in West End can be revealed on your map by unlocking The Attic Safe House and at least 4 of them are required for the West End Liberation Project.

West End SHD Tech Caches Locations

The following map shows all The Division 2 SHD Tech Caches in the West End area.

Division 2 West End SHD Tech Caches Locations Map

SHD Tech Cache 1

The first Division 2 West End SHD Tech Cache on our map is on top of a large white building.

To get there, check the backyard where you should see several trucks. Climb on the one on which you can read “Walk in Flu Shots”, then climb on the balcony above.

Now, go left and notice the broken fence. From here shoot the padlock on the door below, then retrace your steps down.

Finally, follow the next two ladders on the left side to reach the roof. The SHD Cache is on the ground next to a solar panel; however, you should fully inspect this roof because there is also an Outcasts Cache here and the Open Gates Comms Dead Drop Collectible.

Division 2 West End SHD Tech Cache Location 1

SHD Tech Cache 2

The second Division 2 SHD Cache in West End is several steps south of New Venice Control Point.

Look for it inside an apartment building which can be accessed by climbing on an ambulance parked under a window.

Once inside walk your way up to the last floor and look behind a green couch on the right side.

Again, make sure you fully explore the building because it’s filled with looting boxes and you’ll find a large number of Crafting Materials including Steel, Titanium, and Polycarbonates.

Division 2 West End SHD Tech Cache Location 2

SHD Tech Cache 3

West of Riverside Gas Station Control Point is the third SHD Tech Cache on our map.

This one is at the lowest level of an underground passage. To get it, use the entrance north of Virginia Ave NW and follow the tracker as you advance further down into the tunnel.

Division 2 West End SHD Tech Cache Location 3

SHD Tech Cache 4

The fourth Division 2 West End Tech Cache is inside a warehouse by the docks.

When you mark its location, you’ll most likely believe that it’s on the roof of the warehouse; however, you’ll find it in a garage.

Go around the building and look for a garage door with a blue billboard above it. On it, you can read “Construction and Industrial Sanitation”. This garage door faces the docks and nearby you should also see a red boat.

Open the door and inside you’ll find the Tech Cache and an Outcasts Cache. There is also a weapon box on the ground.

Division 2 West End SHD Tech Cache Location 4

SHD Tech Cache 5

Fairly easy to find, the fifth and final Division 2 SHD Cache in West End is located under the bridge leading to DZ West.

Look for it in a shelter right under the said bridge.

Division 2 West End SHD Tech Cache Location 5

Did you manage to find all West End SHD Caches in Division 2? If you have questions drop them in the comments section and feel free to check our Division 2 Wiki Hub for similar guides.

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