Scarlet Nexus Bond Level Guide: How To Increase

Scarlet Nexus Bond

Scarlet Nexus has a system of bonding that allows players to interact with the other characters. Every character has a story of their own which you will see as you progress your bond. Increasing your bond level is important because of a few reasons. This Scarlet Nexus guide will include all the details on how to increase bond levels. 

How To Increase Bond Levels In Scarlet Nexus

There are quite a few ways to increase your bond level to the max. One way is to use your party members’ abilities in combat. The more you make use of their abilities, the more your bond will slowly but gradually increase. The second way is by giving them gifts. You can acquire gifts from random locations or buy them from Satori’s Shop by exchanging other items. Giving them gifts will increase your bond with them and will unlock bond episodes for each character.

Bond Episodes are the third and final way of increase bond levels. Bond episodes can be cutscenes to complete missions. You need to complete these to increase your bond level highly. After some time, you can also do Team Bond Episodes that will include all your party members. 

Why It Is necessary?

Increasing your bond level is important for several reasons. As your bond level increases, so will companions’ abilities. They will receive more upgrades and improvements. Their special attack cooldown will also decrease gradually. The increasing bond level also increases the power of your SAS, allowing you to use more of your companions’ abilities efficiently.

This is how you can increase the bond level in Scarlet Nexus and why you need to increase it. You can also check out our guide on how you can give gifts to characters to increase your bond levels.

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