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Code Vein

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Code Vein Combat Guide: Regeneration, Ichor, Blood Veil Attacks

Code Vein Combat

Combat and the art style combine to become the main selling points of Code Vein. The game is basically anime Darksouls and that is why some players love it while others hate it. In this Code Vein combat guide, we are going to go over the different aspects of combat that you should know about.

Different Aspects Of Combat You Should Know About In Code Vein

Just like any dungeon game, you have a health and stamina bar. Your health goes down when you get hit and your stamina decreases when you run, attack or dodge. When your health is 0, you die. When your stamina is 0, you cannot attack, dodge or run. You can check out our stats guide if you are interested in other stats and what they do.


Regeneration allows you to increase your health if your HP is low. You can regenerate only a couple of times in the game. Using the regeneration option, you can heal at any point in time in the game. You can upgrade the regeneration so that you can use it more often and the HP you gain from using it is increased as well.

As you explore the world of Code Vein, you will find Regen Extension Factor. This is an item that will increase the amount of regen that you can use and the number of times that you can use it. You c an also find Regen Activation Factor. This time permanently enhances the regeneration power. So you get more HP each time you use regen.

Focus Meter & Focused State

Other than the HP and Stamina bar, you have the Focus meter. When you dodge attacks or get hit, the focus meter fills up. When the bar fills up, you will enter the focused state. In this state, you cannot be staggered easily. Your stamina will refill. You will also be able to pull off launch attacks that throw enemies into the air.  While you are in the focuses state, you will be able to stagger enemies relatively easily.


Code Vein Gifts

Gifts are the special abilities that the different Blood Codes can use. You can pick the ones that best suit your playstyle. You can check out our extensive guide on Blood Codes to learn more about all the Gifts in the game and how you can unlock them.


This is the number that shows up on the lower right side of your screen. Ichor is consumed when you use a gift. You can get more Ichor by using drain attacks, resting at Mistles, striking an enemy with melee attacks, parrying, performing backstabs and striking enemies with your Blood Veil. Some items can increase Ichor as well. Different Blood Codes have different levels of Ichor. You can learn about getting infinite Ichor in our parrying guide.


Code Vein Combat

Mistles are like checkpoints. When you die, you will respawn at the last Mistle that you activated. Resting here will restore your health, stamina and regen but will bring all the enemies that you killed back to life as well. You can also use Mistles to teleport, head back to home base and upgrade your character.


Code Vein is an action RPG and hence there are plenty of attacks that you can use in the game. The following are the different attacks that you can use in the game:

  • Weak Attack: Square / X
  • Strong Attack: Triangle / Y
  • Charged Attack: Hold down Triangle / Y
  • Dodge Attack: Left Stick Circle / B followed by a Weak Attack.
  • Dash Attack: Should be sprinting followed by a Weak Attack.
  • Backstep Attack: Circle / B followed by a Weak Attack.
  • Special Attack: R1 + Square / X

Other than these moves, you can also do a backstab attack. For this, you need to sneak up behind the enemy and use the attack button. This kind of attack deals a lot of damage and because it is a drain attack, you will gain ichor from it.

That is all for our Code Vein Combat guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our tips and tricks guide.

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