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Code Vein

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Code Vein Stats Guide: What Do Different Stats Mean?

Code Vein Stats

Code Vein has all kinds of different stats and if you are new to this genre then you might not know what all these different stats mean. In this Code Vein stats guide, we are going to walk you through different stats and what they mean in the game.

What Do All The Different Stats Mean In Code Vein?

The following are all the different stats in Code Vein and what they mean:

Stats Descriptions
Level This is the level of your character. Base stats will increase with the increase of your character level.
Blood Code Blood Codes are like character classes. These can be changed at any time in the game. Your stats will depend on the Blood Code that you are using.
HP These are the health points. Damage that you take reduces your HP. When HP is zero, your character will die.
Stamina Stamina determines the actions that you can make in the game. When this reaches 0, you will not be able to attack or dodge. Running decreases stamina in Code Vein as well.
Focus You gain focus by dodging enemy attacks or taking damage. Once your focus meter fills up your stamina will replenish and you will enter the focused state.
Ichor Ichor allows you to use powerful active gifts. Ichor is gained when you block an enemy attack or hit an enemy.
Stat Scaling This shows how your stats scale in regard to your equipment. The higher the degree the better the scaling.
Base Mobility This is the mobility when dodging enemy attacks. This can be Quick, Normal or Slow. It depends on the total weight that you are carrying. This will affect your dodge animation. 
STR/Strength This impacts physical attack and HP.
DEX/Dexterity This impacts physical and drain rating.
MND/Mind This impacts stamina, drain speed and light gifts.
WIL/Willpower This impacts elemental resistance and dark gifts.
VIT/Vitality This impacts HP and physical damage reduction.
FOR/Fortitude This impacts stamina and elemental resistance.


That is all for our Code Vein stats guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can parry in the game.

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