Code Vein Hellfire Knight Boss

Code Vein

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Code Vein Hellfire Knight Boss Guide: How To Beat

Code Vein Hellfire Knight Boss

Hellfire Knight is the new boss introduced in the COde Vein Hellfire Knight DLC. In this guide, we are going to go over how you can defeat the Hellfire Knight boss in Code Vein.

In order to get to the boss, you need to own the Hellfire Knight DLC. The boss is located in the Depths: Fiery Oblivion. You also need to defeat Juzo Mido. This is an optional boss.

How To Beat The Hellfire Knight Boss In Code Vein

Stamina management is very important when taking on the Hellfire Knight. The boss is weak against lightning damage. The boss is immune to slow, stun and venom.

You need to move close and bait him into doing the 2-hit swipe combination. You can roll through this when the boss tried to attack. Attack once or twice and then roll in again when the boss uses the tail swipe attack. You can proceed to do some damage until the boss jumps away. Repeat this process.

When the boss jumps into the air, you need to dodge this attack at the last moment. You can use an attack skill or spell here. You will have 1-2 seconds before he gets back up. If the boss casts fire under you, you need to move left or right but not forward or backwards. You also need to watch out for the jump attack. It will be hard to see through the fire but you will need to dodge it immediately in order to avoid damage.

When the boss reached half HP, he will back up and use an AoE attack. You need to back off and make sure not to stand in a puddle of fire. Once the attack is over you need to move in and repeat the strategy that we have gone over at the start. The boss will use the AoE attack again when he is at about 30% HP and 10% HP.

In phase 2 of the encounter, the boss is going to get a bit more aggressive and will have new attacks that he can use against you. The first attack is the fire puddle. This is going to be on the ground and at times can follow you. You can dodge the puddle but be warned that the boss can use a slam attack after the fire puddle move. You can move away when that happens. The fire puddle lasts for roughly 10 seconds.

The second attack in the second phase of the encounter is when he backs up and takes out two swords. He will then dash towards you at an incredible speed. You need to dodge into the boss and stick to his right leg. You can do some damage here. You can also take the time to heal if needed.

The boss is also going to do a lunge attack. If you are far from the boss he will lunge towards you quickly. This move is easy to read if you have seen it a couple of times. Dodge left or right and then attack him. Just do not dodge too early.

This is how you can beat the Hellfire Knight in Code Vein.

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