Far Cry New Dawn Days of-Blunder Walkthrough

Far Cry: New Dawn

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Far Cry New Dawn Walkthrough: Days of Blunder Side Mission

Far Cry New Dawn Days of-Blunder Walkthrough

Days of Blunder is a Far Cry: New Dawn side mission which allows you to unlock a new Gun for Hire while playing the latest title in Ubisoft‘s popular video games series.

Although Days of Blunder takes place in a Rank 3 area where most Highwaymen are quite dangerous; you can complete this mission the moment you reach Prosperity.

That’s because, during this mission, you’ll get access to an Elite Vehicle, named The Gifthorse. This car will help you finish Days of Blunder as it is equipped with a pair of guns that can instantly kill most Rank III Highwaymen.

Furthermore, at the end of the Far Cry: New Dawn Days of Blunder mission you’ll receive The Gifthorse as a reward; thus you’ll be able to get an impressive advantage against most enemies you’ll meet on the roads of Hope County.

So, let’s see how you can finish the Days of Blunder mission, and how to unlock The Gifthorse and Hurk Drubman Jr.

To begin Days of Blunder in Far Cry: New Dawn you’ll have to find Hurk Drubman Jr.

This character is located at Shitlord’s Tunnel in the eastern part of Hope County.

Shitlord’s Tunnel is one of the 101 Looting Locations featured in the videogame, and you should see it south-east of Trailer Town Outpost and east of Junk Tunnel.

If you can’t find it, take a look at the map below.

Far Cry: New Dawn Shitlord's TunnelDrive to this location and in front of a large tunnel, you should see Hurk Drubman Jr. pictured above.

When you talk to him, you’ll start Days of Blunder.

As you’ll find out Hurk is a funny man. He lost his distillery to the Highwaymen and now he wants to take revenge on them.

John Wick style that is. But he needs a wingman, and you Captain are just the man Hurk is looking for.

Follow Hurk

The first thing you have to do is to recover Hurk’s car which is located inside the tunnel nearby.

Simply follow Hurk in the tunnel and he’ll lead you to it. Make sure you pay close attention to Hurk’s lines which are very hilarious.

On your way, you can look for Crafting Materials such as Copper, Solvent, Ammo and Blasting Cap. Gears can also be found at this location.

Feel free to explore the area while moving towards the objective marker.

Eventually, you’ll reach Hurk’s car, pictured below.

Far Cry New Dawn Days of-Blunder Wiki Guide 1

Find Hurk’s car

Enter the Driver’s Seat

Wait for Hurk to disable the boobytrap inside the car then jump inside.

As you start the engine, Hurk informs you that he actually didn’t disarm the boobytrap.

Regardless, he still wants you to drive him to the dropoff point.

Drive Hurk

At this point, all you have to do is to follow a series of waypoints.

Inside the tunnel you won’t encounter any enemies; so feel free to practice your driving skills. When you reach the second ramp you’ll see a series of obstacles.

Shoot them with the car’s weapons and continue to follow the marker on your screen.

Far Cry New Dawn Days of-Blunder Wiki Guide 2

Destroy the obstacles on the ramp

When you exit the tunnel, the Highwaymen will start to appear and attack you. As you’ll notice most of them are using vehicles, which, fortunately, are no match for Hurk’s Gifthorse.

Use your weapons to take them out and stay on the road, following the marker on your screen.

After a right and left turn, you’ll reach the Junk Tunnel.

Far Cry New Dawn Days of-Blunder Wiki Guide 3

Enter Junk Tunnel

Take out all enemies at the entrance, then head inside the tunnel and remain on the ramps.

Your driving skills will be put to a test here, but since there are only a few enemies inside, try to slow down.

The next obstacle is a large truck you’ll encounter when you exit Junk Tunnel.

Use your weapons to take it out the moment you spot it, then take a right turn at the crossroads and continue to follow the road to the next checkpoint.

As you move forward you’ll soon come across a convoy you must destroy. Hurk will also use his RPG to help you out so this obstacle should not be a problem for you.

Finally, you’ll reach a ramp on the road you’ll have to use in order to exit the mission area.

Far Cry New Dawn Days of-Blunder Wiki Guide 4

Jump on this ramp

Once you get past the ramp, you’ll have to drive for about 200 meters and the objective changes.

Drive Hurk to Prosperity

After you receive this objective pay close attention to Hurk.

He will tell you that you’d better ditch the car because it’s too slow.

Exit the Car and Let It Explode

When the new objective appears, immediately get out of Hurk’s car.

Don’t waste time! Simply exit and step away from it.

Next, wait for the car to explode and talk to Hurk to complete Days of Blunder. Notice that Hurk and his car, The Gifthorse, have been unlocked.

You can now hire Hurk and whenever you need a better ride, head to a garage and take The Gifthorse.

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