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Days Gone

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Days Gone: We’ll Make It Quick Mission Walkthrough

Days Gone We'll Make It Quick

Days Gone We’ll Make It Quick is the second mission featured in the videogame developed by SIE Bend Studio for PlayStation 4.

We’ll Make It Quick continues the events of the previous mission(He Can’t Be Far) during which Deacon and Boozer chase Leon.

In order to avenge Alvarez, who was beaten to death, Deacon wants to catch Leon. The race leads to a point where Leon drops his bike and runs in the forest.

Boozer and Deacon must now follow him on foot.

We’ll Make It Quick is part of the Chasing Leon Storyline and our walkthrough explains:

  • How to start We’ll Make It Quick
  • How to track Leon in Days Gone We’ll Make It Quick mission
  • Where to find materials to craft Bandages
  • How to use a Bandage
  • How to return to the Bikes

Mission Details

Region: Cascade
Quest Giver(s): Deacon, Boozer
Rewards: N/A
Storyline: Chasing Leon
Unlocking Condition: Complete He Can’t Be Far
Description: “Track Leon past the Buck Meadow Bridge.”


How to Start We’ll Make It Quick

The mission starts automatically when you reach the point where Leon drops his bike.

The moment you finish the previous mission, you’ll trigger a cutscene showing Deacon and Boozer taking cover to avoid Leon’s bullets.

Both characters decide that they should leave their bikes on the road and continue the chase on foot.

How to Track Leon in Days Gone We’ll Make It Quick Mission

How to Track Leon in Days Gone We'll Make It Quick MissionOnce you gain control over your character you’ll be introduced to a new feature in Days Gone. The on-screen tutorial teaches you how to use the Survival Vision in the game.

Press R3 and notice Leon’s footsteps on the ground.

Move towards the large log, and press O to crouch.

Now, continue to follow Boozer, and after you pass the crack in the stone you’ll trigger another tutorial which explains how to track clues using Survival Vision.

Basically, all you have to do is to press R3 when your controller shakes. Activate the Survival Vision and several steps away from your location you’ll see a magnifying glass on the ground. Approach it and press Square.

Days Gone Leon's TracksThe next cutscene shows the path Leon followed in the woods.

As you follow the same path you’ll reach a camping spot where Leon is hiding.

After the next cutscene ends activate you Survival Vision near the wooden bridge (pictured below) to see where Leon went.

Days Gone Where to Find LeonKeep following Boozer and several steps away you’ll see a fence. Jump over it and you’ll find Leon.

Before dying, Leon who is badly injured; tries to strike a deal with Deacon by giving him a map. The map shows the location of a hidden stash containing the drugs Leon and Alvarez stole.

The map; however, won’t stop Deacon to kill Leon.

Now that Alvarez was avenged, is time to return to your bike. Simply retrace your steps back, until you reach the camping spot where you found Leon earlier.

Where to Find Materials to Craft Bandages

Days Gone Where to Find Materials to Craft BandagesFor the next objective, you’ll have to find 2 materials to craft a bandage. As you can see in the picture above, both of them are close to each other.

The first one is a bottle containing Steriliser next to the campfire. Look for it on the ground close to a cover with a blue sleeping bag inside.

The second one is a white Rag, on the right side of the campfire. You’ll also find it on the ground.

After you get both materials, open your Survival Wheel by pressing and holding L1, and move the Left Thumbstick to the Medical Menu. While keeping L1 pulled, press R1 to craft a Bandage.

How to Use Bandage

Days Gone How to Use BandageNow that you have a bandage in your inventory, it’s time to use it, since Deacon was injured by Leon.

To use a Bandage, again press and hold L1, then access the Medical Category with the Left Thumbstick. Instead of pressing R1 to craft the Bandage, press R2 to use it and heal Deacon.

How to Return to the Bikes

Days Gone How to Return to the BikesFor the final objective of this mission, all you have to do is to go back to Deacon’s bike. Essentially, you’ll have to retrace your steps back to the road.

You can do this simply by following Boozer through the forest.

When you finally get back to your bike, you’ll trigger a cutscene and find out that Leon damaged Deacon’s bike by shooting the fuel pump.

Without a bike, Deacon is in trouble, thus he decides to check Crazy Willie’s garage for a fuel pump. Since he can’t ride his bike, you’ll have to use Boozer’s.

As the two survivors head to a new location, the next mission (I Say We Head North) begins.

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