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Days Gone

PlayStation 4

Days Gone: I Say We Head North Mission Walkthrough

Days Gone I Say We Head North

Days Gone I Say We Head North is the third mission featured in the videogame developed by SIE Bend Studio for PlayStation 4.

I Say We Head North is also the third mission in Chasing Leon Storyline and continues the events of the previous two missions: He Can’t Be Far and We’ll Make it Quick.

After Boozer and Deacon manage to catch Leon and make him pay for what he did to Alvarez, they return to their bikes and find out that Leon shot the fuel pump on Deacon’s bike.

Therefore, they must ditch Decon’s bike and head to Crazy Willie’s garage, to look for a new one.

Our Days Gone walkthrough covers the following objectives:

  • How to ride with Boozer to Crazy Willie’s
  • How to clear the road

Mission Details

Region: Cascade
Quest Giver(s): Deacon, Boozer
Rewards: N/A
Storyline: Chasing Leon
Unlocking Condition: Complete We’ll Make It Quick
Description: “Ride bitch behind Boozer on the Old Belknap Road”


How to Start I Say We Head North

As all previous missions featured in Days Gone Chasing Leon Storyline, I Say We Head North starts automatically when Deacon and Boozer discover the hole in Deacon’s bike fuel pomp.

The transition between this mission and the previous one is made automatically through a cutscene. After the said cutscene Deacon mounts on Boozer’s bike which will take them to Crazy Willie’s.

How to Ride With Boozer to Crazy Willie’s

How to Ride With Boozer to Crazy Willie’sDuring the first part of the mission, there isn’t much you can do since Deacon is just a passenger.

While Boozer is driving his bike you can enjoy the view using the Left Thumbstick. You can also pay attention to Boozer’s plan to head north of Oregon after they fix the bike.

After several turns, you’ll eventually reach a blocked road and the mission’s objective changes.

How to Clear the Road in Days Gone I Say We Head North Mission

How to Clear the Road in Days Gone I Say We Head North MissionAt the ambush spot, head to the gray truck and while standing in front of it, press Square. Pushing vehicles in Days Gone is a key-feature you’ll have the chance to use very often.

For now, you’ll be helped by Boozer.

After the road is clear, you’ll be automatically attacked by several Marauders. One of them will grab you so tap the random button on your screen to escape.

Now, use R2 to use Deacon’s knife and get rid of the first Marauder. The second one will rush towards you so make sure you move the Left Thumbstick and take him out with R2.

For the third Marauder, first, roll using the Left Thumbstick and R1, then follow your action with a melee attack (R2).

Get rid of the remaining ambushers using your knife, then head back to Boozer’s bike. Approach the backseat and press Square to jump on the passenger’s seat.

Days Gone I Say We Head North Ride With BoozerThe next part of the mission is just a cutscene which will end the moment Deacon and Boozer approach a tunnel.

Things will get serious from now, and you’ll begin the next story mission named Bad Way to Go Out. Notice that the I Remember Storyline is also unlocked.

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