How To Unlock An Extra Life Using Astronaut Figurine In Returnal

No one likes to die over and over again. Returnal is a roguelike, every time you die, the world gets reset, and you lose temporary items. This makes the game more frustrating and hard to enjoy. However, Returnal has a system that allows you to come back to life using second life. This can be very useful when facing a Biome boss and dying with the boss at 5% HP. In this Returnal guide, we’ll ...[Read More]

How To Walk On Lava In Returnal (Promethean Insulators)

The third-person shooter Psychological horror game, Returnal, is filled with areas to explore. All areas have a unique trait and have different enemies and landscapes. Lava is one of the traits some areas in the game have. You can not properly walk on lava as it degrades your suit’s integrity. You can not use dash and can only hope you can somehow make use of the Icarian Grapnel. This Return...[Read More]

Returnal Hyperion Boss Guide: How To Beat

After facing the mighty foe known as Nemesis, Hyperion will look pale in comparison. However, this boss can still cause you trouble if you go to fight it unprepared. You can find Hyperion in the fourth biome, Echoing Ruins. The boss fight can be long, but you can defeat it easy if you follow some things. This guide will include all tips on how to beat the Hyperion boss in Returnal. How To beat Hyp...[Read More]

Returnal Nemesis Boss Guide: How To Beat

Returnal has its share of bosses that keep you on your toes. The boss fights can be hectic and spontaneous at the same time. On top of this, the combat makes the gameplay more enjoyable and exhilarating. After defeating the first two bosses and coming to the third Biome, you will face Nemesis. If you have fought the Radiance in Hollow Knight, you know what is coming for you in Returnal. This Retur...[Read More]

Returnal Secret Ending Guide: How To Get

There are multiple endings to the third person roguelike, Returnal. You can achieve one simply by completing the game in the usual way. However, the other is the secret ending, and for it, you will have to complete the game once. You can not go directly for the Secret Ending on your first playthrough. After completing the game, you will end back at Echoing Ruins. Here your journey for Secret Endin...[Read More]

Returnal Stone Gates Guide: How To Open

Exploration in the roguelike, Returnal can be very interesting and thrilling at the same time. You will face enemies at every corner and collect a lot of consumables and artifacts. Along your run, you will come across big stone gates that you can open easily. How to open the stone gates to access chests and consumables behind them will be discussed in this Returnal guide.  How To Open Stone G...[Read More]

Returnal Ether Guide: How To Get And Use

You might have noticed that after every death, many of the items you scavenged during exploration are not in your inventory. This is how Returnal and roguelikes in particular work. However, dying will affect some items. Such things are Ether. In this Returnal guide, we are going to walk you through how you can get Ether and what it can be used for. How To Get Ether In Returnal There are three ways...[Read More]

Returnal Anathema Vault Guide: How To Open

Returnal has its share of bosses. Each boss is more exhilarating and challenging than the last. The first boss, Phrike, can be found behind the closed Anathema Vault. This Returnal guide will include all the details on opening the Anathema Vault to face the boss behind it. The boss can be found inside the Anathema Vault. However, obtaining the key to the crypt is not that simple.  How To Unlo...[Read More]

Returnal Maximum Health Guide: How To Increase

Returnal’s combat revolves around trying to avoid getting hit. The more you dodge, the more adrenaline meter you have and the more manageable the combat becomes. However, you will get hit eventually and a lot at that. The only way to make it through the whole game is to increase your maximum health so you can stay in the combat for a prolonged period. In this Returnal guide, we walk you through ho...[Read More]

Returnal House Guide: How To Unlock And Get Inside

Even though you are on Atropos, an alien planet, you will find things you can relate to. Like a 20th century house that you can find on your run. In this Returnal guide, I will discuss where to find the house and how to unlock it so you can go inside. How To Unlock The House In Returnal As you explore the world of Atropos in Returnal, you will soon come upon a house that one can find between two c...[Read More]

Returnal Beginner’s Guide: Tips And Tricks To Win

Returnal has a hectic and mesmerizing combat system to which one can get addicted to. Every player faces difficulties at some point in the game. In this Returnal guide, we give you some tips and tricks which can make your experience better and will help you survive much longer.  Returnal Tips And Tricks The following are some useful tips and tricks that we recommend you keep in mind when play...[Read More]

Returnal Weapon Proficiency Guide: How To Increase

Proficiency is the primary stat in Returnal around which your combat and expiration revolve. Understanding what it does and increasing it will ease your combat with enemies. Every time you die in Returnal, you lose some items and equipment. Dying a lot of times can be frustrating, but having high proficiency can resolve this issue. This Returnal guide will include all the details on what weapon pr...[Read More]

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