Returnal Maximum Health Guide: How To Increase

Returnal Maximum Health

Returnal’s combat revolves around trying to avoid getting hit. The more you dodge, the more adrenaline meter you have and the more manageable the combat becomes. However, you will get hit eventually and a lot at that. The only way to make it through the whole game is to increase your maximum health so you can stay in the combat for a prolonged period. In this Returnal guide, we walk you through how you can increase your maximum health.

How To increase Your Maximum Health In Returnal

As you progress through the game, you can become tankier by increasing your suit’s integrity. You can do this in three ways. Either you collect resins, fabricator upgrades, or use the bonuses from parasites. Do note that when you die during a run, you will lose all the health buffs you gained throughout the previous run. 

Resin Collecting 

The first and the easiest way to increase your suit’s integrity is by finding resin. You can spot a green X mark on your minimap. This can either be resin or silphium, which you can use to heal. You can see three small dots beside your health bar, and collecting a small resin increases a dot. If you collect a big resin that counts for two dots. Once all three dots are filled, you get an increase in health. If you were expecting to find a resin but instead see a silphium, do not worry. A silphium can be used as a small resin if your health is at max. 

Fabricator Upgrades

Obolites are energy shards that can be dropped from random enemies. These obolites can then be used to exchange for a 25% health increase in your maximum health at any Fabricator. 


Parasites can be found throughout the game, which gives random buff but also a debuff. Finding a parasite that offers an increase in suit’s integrity is rare, though. 

This is how you can increase your maximum health in Returnal. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can unlock the house and head on inside.

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