Returnal Beginner’s Guide: Tips And Tricks To Win

Returnal Tips

Returnal has a hectic and mesmerizing combat system to which one can get addicted to. Every player faces difficulties at some point in the game. In this Returnal guide, we give you some tips and tricks which can make your experience better and will help you survive much longer. 

Returnal Tips And Tricks

The following are some useful tips and tricks that we recommend you keep in mind when playing Returnal:

Consumables Are A Must

As in every game, using consumable items is a must. The same thing follows in Returnal. You will get hit most often, and you will need health to move on forward. The game has consumables spread over each room. You can either use them right away or save them for them later. Silphium heals you while Resins increase your maximum health, so you will need to scavenge for them if you want. Some consumables reduce cooldowns on your super and more. These can be useful for a tough fight with enemies or bosses. 

Exploration Can Be Worth It

Exploring the areas in Returnal is a thing that is a must but not always. As you will progress in the game, you realize that going back to some areas and exploring is not worth it for some mere Resins. You can run through the most explored areas, and enemies will not be able to keep up with you. However, some areas need to be explored if you want everything necessary out of that room.

You will also come across big closed gates. You might have rushed the tutorial or have forgotten how to open these gates. Well, worry not, we have got you covered. Every closed gate can be opened as there is always a yellow radiating switch near them. Your shoulder robot will also alarm you when you are near secret or breakable walls during exploration.

Be Careful Of Your Surroundings

In Returnal, enemies can spawn from random locations and ambush you without giving you time to react. You should always be on guard and be careful of your surroundings. Even the most normal enemy can take out a high amount of health from you without you realizing it.

Returnal Tips

Remember that your weapon is not the only thing you possess to use against the enemies. You can make use of your melee in challenging situations as well as much as you can. 

Don’t Miss Obolites 

Obolites Returnal PS5

Almost every enemy drops obolites. These can be ignored sometimes by the player if one is rushing or forgets it. These obolites are an essential piece of currency. These can be used at any biome shop to buy items that will help you in your run.

Risk And Reward

Returnal is a reward and risk game. Every boss fight will be more challenging than the previous. As you might know, every death will reset your progress in the current room. So if you grind for hours before a boss fight and die right at the start of the boss fight will not look good. The grind is worth it, but you also to be aware of the threat enemies and a boss pose.

You need to grind safe and fight every boss with patience, and you will be victorious. In boss fights, use consumables you have grinded along the way at a perfect time. You don’t want to waste buffs and consumables while playing passive. Do read the description of every item you pick as almost all are beneficial, but some might have drawbacks.

These are the tips and tricks that we recommend you keep in mind when playing Returnal. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can increase Weapon Proficiency.