Returnal Weapon Proficiency Guide: How To Increase

Returnal Weapon Proficiency

Proficiency is the primary stat in Returnal around which your combat and expiration revolve. Understanding what it does and increasing it will ease your combat with enemies. Every time you die in Returnal, you lose some items and equipment. Dying a lot of times can be frustrating, but having high proficiency can resolve this issue. This Returnal guide will include all the details on what weapon proficiency is and how to increase it.

Weapon Proficiency In Returnal And How To Increase It

The following is what you need to know about weapon proficiency:

What Is Weapon Proficiency?

Weapon Proficiency is a stat in the game that allows your combat ability to be more powerful. Your Proficiency level also results in the level of your weapon you acquire through exploration in Returnal.

You can identify the level of any weapon you find by looking beneath the name of the weapon to see a green-colored number next to a star. Higher Proficiency means higher weapon levels that have high stats. Do note that your Proficiency level will automatically reset on with each run. You can not get any weapon above or below your Proficiency level.

How to Increase Weapon Proficiency?

Increasing the Proficiency level depends on the enemies you kill. Each kill will increase your level slightly. How much your level increases, though, depends on your Proficiency Rate stat. You can also make use of certain Calibrators, which you can find in combat.

These give an immediate boost to your Proficiency level. By increasing your Proficiency Level, you can use your high-level weapons to keep your Adrenaline level high and have temporary gains for more extended periods in combat.

This is how you can increase weapon proficiency in Returnal. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can pass through energy barriers.

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