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Horizon Zero Dawn Trampler Guide: How To Kill

Horizon Zero Dawn Trampler

Like many other enemies in Horizon Zero Dawn, the Trampler is also one of the robots that you will have to deal with. The body of the machine is weak against freeze and strong to fire and it resembles rhinos and has the ability to hurt you like the same with their huge hornlike excavators called excavating horns. Similar to the position of the eyes are a pair of large optical sensors.

The mouth of this machine looks like something that can scoop excavated soils and rocks for finding the resources that are available underneath. In between its shoulders, an array of power cells is located. In this guide of Horizon Zero Dawn, we are going to go over how to kill a Trampler.

How To Kill A Trampler In Horizon Zero Dawn

The body of the machine is weak against the freeze arrows. Therefore, shooting its body with theses arrows will do the maximum damage. The Excavation Horns can be destroyed using the Tear arrows. Once the Horns are destroyed, you will have the ability to disable the Excavation Horn attacks. 

Shooting at the Power Cell using Shock is going to create an explosion. However, once the explosion is triggered, you can also use the tear arrows for attacking it. You can loot sparker resources from this component. 

Using three precision arrows is going to be an added advantage as it allows you to shoot precisely to your targeted area. The processing unit of the Trampler is the weak spot as it has no protective gear on it and is totally vulnerable to ranged weapons. Shooting at it until the udders or the processing unit of the Trampler’s is destroyed. 

This is not only going to destroy the processing units but is also going to put the machine on fire, permanently. This is how you can kill a Trampler in Horizon Zero Dawn. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can kill a Corruptor. You can also learn about how you can upgrade your spear.

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