Going Medieval Iron Nuggets And Iron Ingots Guide: How To Get

Going Medieval Iron Nuggets

At the start of the game, your only resources to make structures are wood and clay. However, as you progress through the game, you will soon realize that your colony needs major upgrades. Having news structures made by using new and advanced resources might do the trick. Iron Nuggets is one of those resources. This Going Medieval guide will include all the details on finding Iron Nuggets and how to process them to make Iron Ingots. 

Finding Iron Nuggets In Going Medieval

Irons Nuggets are dark red coloring on the ground that you can find in Mountain regions up on Hills. If you have a settlement in such a region, finding iron can be even easier. If you do not find iron easily, then you have another option. The other option involves you digging limestone deposits. After some digging, you will see iron below the earth. Then, all you have to do is dig more and take the iron out. 

Making Iron Ingots

There will be many places where you will need Iron Ingot to make things. Because of this, you will have to process Iron Nuggets to make Iron Ingots. After this, you will need to research the smelting technology to unlock the smelting furnace. To make Iron Ingots, you will 20 Fuel which you can use wood and coal to create.

On top of the fuel, you will need 30 Iron Ingots and 70 Limestone Bricks which you can easily find in many places on the map. Next, put all the resources into the furnace. Select a villager and change their primary job to “smithing.” This will allow the villager to operate the furnace and make you 30 Iron Ingots. 

This is how you can get Iroon Nuggets and Ingots in Going Medieval. If you want to learn more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can bury bodies