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Code Vein Fionn Vestige Parts Locations Guide

Code Vein Fionn Vestige

Fionn is a Blood Code in Code Vein and you need to get all the vestige parts in order to repair it. In this guide, we are going to go over where you can find all the Fionn vestige parts in Code Vein.

Where To Find All Fionn Vestige Parts In Code Vein

Fionn Vestige A, B, D and D when collected, should be handed to the woman standing in front of the boss room. Once these are handed, you will be able to view Nicola’s memories. The following is where you can find the different Fion Vestige parts in the game:

A A small camp with a Bayonet, swords and a suicide bomber jacket can be reached from the ice mountain area. Once you reach there, you will be able to find a small pit, vestige can be found there by jumping down in that pit. Simultaneously, you will also be able to find a gate that can be opened from the other side. 
B Once done with the camp, you will be able to meet Vestige B on a cliff using a path that has 2 Lost Wandering, 1 Bayonet and another Shield wielding lost. However, once you get close enough, 2 lost can also crawl up.  
C Starting from the Iceless Falls mistles, move towards the area that has ladders without taking the fork bridge. There will be a regenerating buff item nearby.
D One big gorilla enemy can be seen upon reaching the Snowfield Summit. From there, move down to a corner and find the last vestige. 


The following are the locations of all the different Fionn vestiges in Code Vein:

  1. Fionn Vestige I can be found at Howling Pit after defeating the invading executioner.
  2. Fionn Vestige II can be repaired with Part A and Part B. It will also unlock frost weapon gift.
  3. Fionn Vestige III can be found at Ridge of Frozen Souls. It can be received before getting to Mistle.
  4. Fionn Vestige IV can be repaired with Part C and Part D. It will unlock the gift of Focused Guard.
  5. Fionn Vestige V can be found at Ridge of Frozen Souls. This can be received after the Successor of the Breath fight. 

That is all for our Code Vein Fionn Vestige Parts Locations Guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how to get the true ending.

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