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The Division 2 Merciless Guide: How To Get The Exotic Rifle

Division 2 Merciless

We have gone over some of the exotic gear and weapons that you can obtain in The Division 2 and in this guide we are going to tell you how you can get Merciless.

Merciless is a more powerful version of the Ruthless single-shot rifle. The Guerrilla Warfare talent of the weapon turns the first round fired into a sticky primer which, when detonated, gains 75% damage per primer detonated.

Binary Trigger allows the weapon to fire the first shot when you click down, and the second shot when you release the click. Brutality gives you a 5% chance to deal +20% explosive damage.

Now that you know about the different talents of the weapon, let us look into how you can get Merciless in The Division 2.

Division 2 Merciless

How To Get The Merciless Exotic Rifle In The Division 2

Merciless is a Hyena faction weapon, so you will have to defeat named enemies of this faction. You can get the weapon from completing the Bank Headquarters mission and Jefferson Trade Center. You will need to kill the final boss in both cases.

Remember that you need to kill Hyena bosses in order to get this weapon so completing these missions when they are invaded will not get you this weapon. You can increase the chances of getting this weapon by increasing the difficulty of the missions. Doing so will drop more loot and hence you will have a higher chance of getting Merciless.

You should also play with a team. If your teammate gets another Merciless and you do not have even one then the weapon can be traded. All in all, you will need to keep doing these missions over and over again until you get the weapon.

That is all for our Merciless guide. If you are interested in more exotic weapons then you can check out our guide on how you can get the Sweet Dreams exotic shotgun.

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