How To Complete White-Faced Varre Questline In Elden Ring

Varre Questline Elden Ring

The questline for White-Faced Varre in Elden Ring introduces you to the multiplayer aspect of the game and completing it is a quick way to get to the Volcano Manor. In this Elden Ring guide, we are going to go over how you can complete Varre’s questline.

Questline Steps For White-Faced Varre In Elden Ring

Just after you interact with the First Step Site of Grace, you will find Varre in front of you. Interact with him a couple of times in order to exhaust his dialogues. You will know that the dialogues of an NPC have been exhausted if they start to repeat themselves. 

Varre Questline Elden Ring

Now progress through the game until you get to the Roundtable hold. You will get access to it once you have progressed the game via interaction with Melina. Here you need to talk to the NPCs.

Once done you need to head back to the First Step Site of Grace and talk to Varre again. Exhaust his dialogue a second time then progress through the game and defeat Godrick the Grafted.

This is the second main boss that you encounter. If you were able to beat Margit then you should be able to beat Godrick as well. If you are having trouble then check out our guide on how you can beat Godrick easily.

Once you have defeated the boss, you need to head back to the Roundtable Hold and talk to Enia. Exhaust her dialogues and then head back to Varre at the First Step Site of Grace.

With that out of the way, you need to progress the game and get to the Rose Church found in Liurnia of the Lakes. You can find the exact location in the image below:

Rose Church

Here you will meet Varre yet again. Talk to him a couple of times and he will give you a couple of Festering Bloody Fingers. You can use these to invade the worlds of other players. You will need to do this 3 times in order to progress the questline.

Note that winning or losing invasions is not going to affect your progress. You could lose all 3 invasions and still progress Varre’s questline. Once you have completed 3 invasions you need to head back to Varre. You can find him at the rose church or the First Step Site of Grace.

Once you talk to him, you will need to find maiden blood. You can do that by finding a dead maiden at the Church of Inhibition or by killing Hyetta. The Church of Inhibition is found in Liurnia of the Lakes, near the Frenzied Flame Village and Frenzied Flame Tower.

Church of Inhibition

If you head to the Church of Inhibition, then you need to break the line of sight with the Frenzied Tower otherwise you will be inflicted with madness and will receive a lot of damage. You will also be invaded at the church, so be ready.

Once you have got the maiden blood, head back to Varre and he will give you the Pureblood Knight’s Medal. This will allow you to teleport to the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum, where you can find Mogh, the Lord of Blood.

You can also use the Pureblood Knight’s Medal at the Mausoleum Dynasty Midpoint Site of Grace to fight Varre. Defeat him in order to get his armor set.

This is how you can complete the Varre questline in Elden Ring. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our guide on how you can complete Ranni’s questline. You can also check out our guide on how you can get all the Remembrances in the game.


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