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Borderlands 3

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Borderlands 3 Inventory Size Guide: How To Get More Space

Borderlands 3 Inventory Size

When playing Borderlands 3, you get plenty of loot and it is a matter of time before you run out of inventory space. This means that you will have to get rid of some items in order to pick up new gear and weapons. But there is another solution as well. In this Borderlands 3 guide, we are going to go over how you can increase your inventory size.

By default, you have room in your inventory for 15 items. You can add more space. The downside is that you cannot do that right away and the upgrades are not free. The following is how you can increase your inventory space in the game.

How To Increase Inventory Size In Borderlands 3

In order to increase your inventory size, you need to progress the game until you reach Sanctuary. On the ship, there is an NPC called Marcus Munitions. Marcus has a couple of upgrades for you that can be used to increase storage and the amount of ammo that you can carry for the different kinds of weapons that you can pick up in Borderlands 3.

Right in from of Marcus, there is a table with multiple upgrade decks. You can use the backpack SDU upgrades to increase the inventory size for your character. Each upgrade costs more and the cost of an upgrade can get pretty high but if you keep playing the game then plenty of cash is going to drop so upgrading is not really going to be an issue.


Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 has a lot of content and you will be able to collect a lot of money as you progress the game and play through the different DLCs.This is how you can increase your inventory space in Borderlands 3.

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