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Borderlands 3

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Borderlands 3 Class Mods Guide: How To Unlock Class Mods

Borderlands 3 Class Mods

When you start Borderlands 3, the Class Mods slot is not going to be available. As you progress through the game, Class Mods will start dropping but you will not be able to use them. In this guide, we are going to walk you through how you can unlock the Class Mods slots in Borderlands 3.

How To Unlock Class Mods In Borderlands 3

In order to unlock Class Mods in Borderlands 3, you need to complete the Takeover Hostile main quest that is part of the story. This is on Promethea. The main objective is to defeat the Gigamind boss.

Once you have taken care of the boss, you have to listen to a briefing with Rhys and Lorelei. After you have done that, the new Class Mods slot is going to be unlocked and you will be able to use Class Mods.

Remember that you can only use the Class Mods for your specific character. Picking up Class Mods for other characters is only going to come in handy if you are interested in selling them to make some quick cash.

Class mods are great as they help you get new skills that you have not invested points into. They can also be used to add points into skill without actually having to invest skill points into them.

Using a Class Mod can unlock passive skills from a skill tree that you have not invested any points into. That is why these can come in handy. Use them to mix and match your skills and make the most out of your build.

Note that Class Mods can be used to exceed the max points invested into a skill. For example, if a skill has a max of 5 points that you can invest, you can get that to 6 or higher using Class Mods.

That is all for our Class Mods guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our recommended build for Zane.

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