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Apex Legends Gibraltar Guide: Abilities, Tips And Tricks

Apex Legends Gibraltar

Gibraltar has gotten even better in season 3 of Apex Legends thanks to the new meta. Gibraltar has got buffs to his tactical and ultimate ability, which makes him even more powerful. In this guide, we are going to go over Gibraltar, his abilities and some tips and tricks for playing him in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a very big character and that is one of the downsides of the Legend. His large size means a fairly large hitbox but his abilities are worth mastering. The following is what you need to know about this Legend:


His passive ability is Gun Shield. This creates a small shield when aiming down sights that protects Gibraltar. The shield has 75 HP but interestingly it can block the damage of the last bullet that hits it. For example, a Kraber shot deals 125 damage but the shield will still protect you from it even though it only has 75 HP.

With fortified, incoming damage is reduced by 15% and make the Legend immune to bullet slowdown. His tactile ability is Dome of Protection. This creates a shield that protects from incoming damage for 18 seconds. Teammates inside the shield can use healing items 25% faster.

His ultimate ability is Defensive Bombardment. This calls down a missile strike on a marked location. This is similar to Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder ability.


  • There is a short delay between aiming down sights and the Gun Shield popping up.
  • Gun Shield has a cooldown once it has been broken. It can be reduced by using Shield Cells, Shield Batteries and Phoenix Kits.
  • The Gun Shield has 75 HP but it can block the damage of the last bullet that hits it.
  • The shield can be seen by enemies but you can toggle it on and off.
  • As the Gun Shield activates when you are aiming down sights you should use weapons like Assault Rifles rather than shotguns. Use scopes when possible.
  • If you are caught by surprise and have no cover then you can use the dome shield to save yourself and your team.
  • Dome protection can be used on Respawn Beacons for reviving fallen squad members.
  • The dome shield can be used to save yourself from projectiles from Bangalore’s and Caustic’s abilities.
  • The dome shield can also be used to protect your team from another Gibraltar’s ultimate.
  • If you can place your Dome generator in Lifeline’s drone then you can move the shield when the drone moves.
  • The ultimate ability is going to hurt you and your squad as well.
  • Using your ultimate and then the dome is a good combo if you need to deal damage and heal yourself too.
  • The ultimate ability can be used as a zoning tool depending on the situation.


Gibraltar is not a great solo hero. All his abilities help other players. You can use your abilities to support your team.

Gibraltar can hurt friendly players with his ultimate ability that is why you should communicate what you are about to do so that other players can be ready.

Gibraltar can use his abilities to hinder the plans of the enemy team. You can use your shields to change the course of a battle. Use that to your advantage.

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