Riot Agrees League Of Legends Events Are Getting Old, Working On Something New

League Of Legends players have voiced their concerns and mentioned that the events are getting pretty stale. The quality of these events has decreased over time and this is a major issue keeping in mind how popular this game is and how much money it makes Riot Games. Riot has agreed that League Of Legends events are indeed not of the same quality as they once were and the developer is working on m...[Read More]

The Coalition Responds To Gears 5 Matchmaking Issues

Gears 5 is available now and some players are facing some matchmaking issues. The Coalition has responded and mentioned that the team knows of the issue. Matchmaking issues is not a good thing in a multiplayer game and the same is the case with Gears 5. Here is what the Coalition had to say about the matter: We are seeing reports from a small percentage of users that are experiencing difficulty ma...[Read More]

Cyberpunk 2077 Multiplayer Officially Confirmed

Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer was planned by CDPR but the developer never really confirmed it. Every time the devs were asked about it they mentioned that it is something that they are looking into and that for now, the team is focused on releasing the base game. Now Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer has officially been confirmed. CDPR has officially announced that Cyberpunk 2077 multiplayer is in developme...[Read More]

Cyberpunk 2077 Sex Scenes Will Be In First-person

We have learned a lot about Cyberpunk 2077 is the past couple of days and the developers have confirmed that most of the game will be in the first-person and that includes sex scenes as well. Romance options are a part of RPGs and while Cyberpunk 2077 has plenty of characters that you can have relationships with, most of the time you will not be able to see your character. The devs confirmed that ...[Read More]

Esports Awards 2019 Finalists Announced, Including Game Of The Year

Nominations for Esports Awards 2019 categories including Esports Personality of the Year, and Content Creator of the Year were announced last month and now some new finalists have been confirmed. These finalists include the nominees for the game of the year award as well. Esports Awards 2019 will take place on November 16 at the Esports Stadium in Arlington and will be hosted by Eefje ‘Sjokz’ Depo...[Read More]

Nadeshot Explains Why 100 Thieves Will Not Compete In Call of Duty

Nadeshot just announced that 100 Thieves will not compete in competitive Call of Duty next year. He mentioned that this is not the end for the team but there are reasons why he has made this decision for his team. Nadeshot explained that there are plenty of costs that go into playing competitive Call of Duty and 100 Thieves is not prepared for that at this point. Matthew “Nadeshot” Haa...[Read More]

Square Enix Has 17 Games Ready For Tokyo Game Show 2019

Square Enix had plenty of announcements at E3 2019 but the publisher has plenty that it wants to showcase at Tokyo Game Show 2019. Square Enix has confirmed that it has 17 titles that it will be showcasing at the event. There will be plenty of demos, panels and presentations which will shed new light on upcoming games such as The Avengers. Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, with Dragon Quest XI S: Ec...[Read More]

Nioh 2 Is Getting A Playable Demo At Tokyo Game Show 2019

We know that Nioh 2 is in development but it has been a while since we heard about the game. Now the developers have provided an update regarding the game. The devs revealed some new Nioh 2 screenshot and announced that the game will have a consumer demo at Tokyo Game Show 2019 in September. Creative director Tom Lee announced this on a blog post. At the time of writing, we are not sure whether th...[Read More]

Sony Has Bought Insomniac Games, Devs Of Marvel’s Spider-man Game

Microsoft has already bought a couple of developers and has also started a development studio of its own called The Initiative. Sony is not backing down either and it has just bought Insomniac Games, the team behind the successful PS4 exclusive game, Marvel’s Spider-man. Interestingly most of the games that the studio made were PS4 exclusives. Marvel’s Spider-Man, for example, sold 13.2 mill...[Read More]

Gamescom Opening Night Live Will Feature 25 Games

Gamescom 2019 is only a few hours away and this year Geoff Keighley is mixing things up with a pre-show called Opening Night Live. The pre-show is going to feature plenty of games and Keighley has now confirmed that there will be 25 games in total. It is safe to say that Opening Night Live is going to be a major opening event and millions of people are going to tune in to see what developers and p...[Read More]

Dragon Age 4 Lead Producer Leaves BioWare After 12 Years

Fernando Melo was the lead producer on Dragon Age 4 at Bioware and after 12 years at the company, he has now left it behind. He shared his feeling on Twitter along with the email that he sent to his colleagues at Bioware. He mentioned that leaving the company was his own decision and that he had been waiting to quit for a while. He is now going to explore some new things and the future of his care...[Read More]

Control World Is Made So “That You Can Keep Exploring” Says Dev

Control is the upcoming game by the developers being Quantum Break and Alan Wake. The game is set to release later this month and it is one of the major titles that are going to release in August. There is a lot of hype around the title by Remedy Entertainment. As we get closer to release, the devs have started giving away information about the game and they talked about how the world is made so t...[Read More]