Riot Agrees League Of Legends Events Are Getting Old, Working On Something New

League Of Legends Events

League Of Legends players have voiced their concerns and mentioned that the events are getting pretty stale. The quality of these events has decreased over time and this is a major issue keeping in mind how popular this game is and how much money it makes Riot Games.

Riot has agreed that League Of Legends events are indeed not of the same quality as they once were and the developer is working on making things better for players. Here is what Riot games had to say regarding the League Of Legends events and their quality:

Yes, absolutely! We’ve heard this feedback and wholeheartedly agree—events have become more stale this year. We want each event to feel like a unique experience that all players can be excited for, which is why our goal moving forward is to make participating in events more rewarding, more novel, and more memorable for everyone.

Players mentioned that something new and interested needs to be introduced to spice things up a bit. Players that have already been playing the game for a while will lose interest soon and will move on to other games. Riot Games does not want that to happen. It is about time that the company did something about it.

Riot Games has some goals in mind which are as follows:

  • Bring back game modes (new and old) to events
  • Improve how missions interact with events, similarly to Trials (ex: Trials gave you a progress bar you filled up by doing missions, which in turn gave you house-specific rewards for the event, so it all felt more cohesive)
  • Deliver more missions and a greater variety of missions beyond just “farm minions,” “get kills,” or “earn gold”

It will be interesting to see what future LoL events are going to be like and what will be different about them. For now, all that we can do is wait and see.

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