Metro Exodus Story Script Size

Metro Exodus

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Metro Exodus Has a Story Script Twice the Size of Last Light & Metro 2033

With all DLCs included

Metro Exodus Story Script Size

Metro Exodus seems to be the most ambitious project in the Metro franchise developed by 4A Games.

After revealing the latest Metro title at E3 2018, with a trailer we encourage you to watch; 4A Games continues to offer additional details regarding Metro Exodus.

The video game which takes place after the event of Metro: Last Light; revolves around the main character we all know. His name is Artyom.

We also know that the story in Metro Exodus covers 1 year from Artyom’s life and that Anna will return as his wife.

The big surprise; however, is the size of the game’s script.

According to John Bloch who is the executive producer at 4A Games; Metro Exodus has a huge script. It is “twice the size of Metro: Last Light, Metro: 2033, and all the DLC combined.”

Bloch also outlines that Metro Exodus remains faithful to the franchise, by providing well-written characters and dialogues which represent “the core” of the series.

 “We’ve brought it back but we’ve also ramped it up to another level on this one.” 

Finally, in his interview for, John Bloch announced that Metro Exodus features the largest cast of characters in any Metro game.

So far, only Anna, Miller and Artyom are known; but according to Bloch, we’ll get to see more characters from the previous games as well as some new faces.

Through various dialogues and by completing different tasks, we’ll get to know them better and eventually develop a friendly atmosphere inside the armored train which serves as a mobile base in Metro Exodus.

Metro Exodus will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC starting February 22, 2019; hence we expect more details to emerge as we get closer to its release.

If you are as excited as we are, you can pre-order your copy on Gamestop (US) or GAME (UK). Keep in mind though that as recently announced the PC version of Metro Redux became exclusive to  Epic Game Store.

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