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You Should Really Watch the Metro Exodus E3 2018 Gameplay Trailer

In 4K

If you are one of those who closely followed E3 this year, then you have probably seen the official Metro Exodus gameplay trailer above.

But did you see it in 4K? If not, you should, because it looks pretty intense. However, assuming you have missed the latest Metro news, here is a recap.

Metro Exodus Fast Facts

The video game was announced on June 11 during Microsoft’s press conference and it is the latest installment in the Metro franchise.

It is developed by 4A Games for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One; and it will be published by Deep Silver.

If everything goes as planned Metro Exodus hits the stores on February 22, 2019.

The Metro Exodus official trailer we encourage you to watch reveals more information about the game’s setting.

Once again you take the role of Artyom and you get to explore a post-apocalyptic territory; two years after the events from Metro: Last Light.

It is worth mentioning that Anna, who is a key character in the Metro 2035 book and the previous game; is now Artyom’s wife.

4A Games already confirmed that Metro Exodus features a day-night cycle and that the environments will change as you progress through the story. Last but not least, the latest Metro video game will cover precisely one year from Artyom’s life, and has a huge story script.

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