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Amazon Lists Far Cry: New Dawn Pre-Order Bonuses and Price

Because after a global nuclear war, all you need is a Unicorn Trike

Ubisoft’s Far Cry: New Dawn announcement came as a surprise at the Game Awards 2018, even though the French video game company teased the latest Far Cry game on its Facebook page, one night before the event.

Following the announcement trailer, Ubisoft quickly updated the official website offering additional details on its latest project.

Furthermore, Amazon listed two Far Cry: New Dawn Editions, along with the bonuses you receive if you decide to pre-order it.

Far Cry: New Dawn’s release date was also set, and we’ll be able to play it this Spring, on February 15, 2019.

So, in less than 48 hours we got a new Far Cry title without even knowing that Ubisoft is actually working on it. The fact that Ubisoft intends to release Far Cry: New Dawn in 2 months from now, could be a good thing, or not. It remains to be seen.

Going back to the Far Cry: New Dawn pre-orders available on Amazon, as of today there are only two available; however, knowing that Ubisoft is “famous” in releasing multiple editions (remember Assassin’s Creed Odyssey) we expect to see at least 4 of them listed soon.

Far Cry: New Dawn Standard Edition

Far Cry: New Dawn Standard Edition, comes with a copy of the game and costs $39.99 for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

If you pre-order it from Amazon, you will also receive an awesome Unicorn Trike. Not sure how this unique vehicle matches the post-apocalyptic setting, but that machinegun sure looks badass.

Far Cry: New Dawn Unicorn Trike

Far Cry: New Dawn Deluxe Edition

For Far Cry: New Dawn Deluxe Edition you’ll need to pay $49.99 but this offer is more appealing because, besides the Unicorn Trike, you’ll also get the following packs:

Knight Pack – Includes the SVD Claymore Sniper Rifle and the Sidecar Motorbike.

 Hurk Legacy Pack – Includes the Wrath M249 Machine Gun, the Legacy Offroader and the Hurkling Outfits.

 Retro Weapon Pack – Includes the M133M Shotgun and the RAT4 Rocket Launcher.

Far Cry: New Dawn Deluxe Edition

Although these two FC New Dawn Editions are currently available only for PS4 and Xbox One; Amazon will surely update the listing page and add them for PC. Before pre-ordering the game though, make sure you check if your computer can handle Far Cry: New Dawn on PC.

Are you going to buy Far Cry: New Dawn in 2019? Let us know your feelings regarding the latest Far Cry game in the comments section below, on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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