Where to Find Creek Plum in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

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Where to Find Creek Plum in Red Dead Redemption 2

Where to Find Creek Plum in Red Dead Redemption 2

The world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is full of scattered goods and bountiful loot, as well as rare consumables. You can either stumble upon these without motive as you traverse the map, or conduct lengthy search efforts to find that treasured item.

One of the rare and valuable consumables in the game is the Creek Plum. Creek Plum is a rare type of fruit that can be found deep in the forested areas of Red Dead 2. It is a small, round fruit with pinkish-purple skin and yellow flesh.

This fruit is not only valuable as a food item – but it can also be used in crafting recipes to create potent tonics and elixirs. Which can grant you an upper hand in the challenges ahead. Regardless of its unique distinguishable nature, this fruit is not too easy to find.

The task becomes especially strenuous as the game changes the spawn points for these fruit trees randomly. But there is no need to worry as we have got you covered. We will discuss every piece of knowledge and tips you need to find these colorful fruits. So without wasting any time, let’s get straight into it.

Finding Creek Plum

where to find creek plum

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Creek Plum trees are most commonly found in the wetlands and swamps of Lemoyne. The best locations for finding these trees are around the Bayou Nwa and Bluewater Marsh areas.

Creek Plum trees are easily recognizable by their distinctive pink flowers, which bloom in the spring and summer months.

It is important to note that Creek Plum trees are relatively rare in the game, so you may need to search for them in multiple locations before finding them. However, once you do find a Creek Plum tree, you can usually harvest several plums from it at once.

How to Harvest Creek Plum?

To harvest Creek Plum, you will need to shoot the fruit off the tree with a firearm or bow. Be sure to aim carefully so that you do not damage the fruit or the tree.

Once you have shot the fruit off the tree, approach it and pick it up by pressing the appropriate button on your controller (usually the X or square button).

It is important to note that Creek Plum trees are often guarded by hostile animals, such as alligators and snakes, so be prepared to defend yourself while harvesting the fruit.

Additionally, some areas where Creek Plum trees grow may be inaccessible by foot, so you may need to use a boat or horse to reach them.

Crafting with Creek Plum

Creek Plum can be used in a variety of crafting recipes to create tonics and elixirs that provide various benefits to the player. For example, Creek Plum can be combined with Indian Tobacco to create a potent Health Cure tonic that restores a large portion of the player’s health.

It can also be combined with other herbs and ingredients to create tonics that boost stamina, deadeye, and other attributes.

To craft with Creek Plum, you will need to find a campfire or a crafting table. Interact with the crafting station to open the crafting menu, and then select the recipe that you want to create. If you have the required ingredients in your inventory, you can craft the tonic or elixir by following the on-screen instructions.

Tips for Finding Creek Plum

Here are some additional tips that can alleviate the process of finding Creek Plum in Red Dead Redemption 2:

  • Use your Eagle Eye ability to scan the environment for Creek Plum trees. This ability highlights interactive objects and animals in the world, making it easier to spot Creek Plum trees from a distance.

  • Check the shoreline of bodies of water for Creek Plum trees. These trees often grow along the edges of swamps along with marshes and can be difficult to see from a distance.
  • Look for Creek Plum trees in areas where other types of fruit trees are present. Creek Plum trees tend to grow in clusters with other types of fruit trees, so if you see other fruit trees in an area, there is a good chance that Creek Plum trees are nearby.

  • Listen for the sound of animals nearby. Creek Plum trees are often guarded by alligators and other animals, so if you hear animal noises in an area, it may be a sign that Creek Plum trees are nearby.

  • Use a boat or horse to explore hard-to-reach areas. Some of the best locations for finding Creek Plum trees are in areas that are inaccessible by foot. Using a boat or horse to explore these areas can help you find Creek Plum trees that you may have missed otherwise.


Finding Creek Plum in Red Dead Redemption 2 can be a challenging but quite rewarding task. After going through this article thoroughly, finding creek plums will no longer be a daunting endeavor. So pack your satchel and get hunting for this fleshy treat.

Lastly, If you found this article helpful, make sure to read more about the vast world of Red Dead Redemption 2 below. 

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