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The Division 2 Skills Guide: Best Skills To Unlock First

Division 2 Skills

There are plenty of skills that you can unlock in Division 2 that make the game fun and interesting but which ones should you unlock first? In this Division 2 guide, we are going to go over the best skills that you should unlock first.

Best Skills To Unlock In The Division 2

The following are some of the best skills in The Division 2 that you should unlock first:

The Turret

You should unlock the turret as soon as possible. This is ideal if you are going to play the game alone. The turret protects you from enemies and can even help out when you are flanking. The Assault Turret is a particular variant that can be useful in situations in which you are in confined spaces with the enemy.

The Drone

If you are not going to use the turret then you should unlock the drone. This is one of the most useful skills in the game and can be combined with the turret as well. The drone will fly around and attack enemies.

Riot Foam

This is a variation of the chem launcher skill. You can use this skill to stop enemies in their tracks and then take them out. You can combine this skill with the turret to make things interesting. Grenade launchers are another great option to use with the riot foam.

Stinger Hive

The stinger hive can be very destructive and can take out groups of enemies. The only downside of the skill is that it takes a long time to use again.

Division 2 Skills

The Seeker Mine

The explosive variant of this skill will allow you to take out armored enemies. This is very useful in the end game. It works well with Riot Foam as well.

Pulse Scanner

Pulse Scanner can be used quickly and you do not have to throw or deploy it. It will mark enemies around you.

The Firefly

The blinder version is what you should be aiming for. This is a tricky talent to use and that is why we recommend using other skills before this one to get the hang of things.

That is all for our Division 2 skills guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can farm SHD tech quickly.

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