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The Division 2 Sweet Dreams Guide: How To Get The Exotic Shotgun

Division 2 Sweet Dreams

The Division 2 has plenty of exotic weapons that you can get. We have already done over how you can get the Nemesis exotic sniper in the game. In this The Division 2 Sweet Dreams guide, we are going to go over how you can get the exotic shotgun.

How To Get The Sweet Dreams Exotic Shotgun In The Division 2

The Sweet Dreams exotic shotgun is a powerful upgrade to the Lullaby Exotic. If you are interested in getting this then you will not have to get the Capital Defender pack. Before we get into how you can get this weapon, let us take a look at the talents that this weapon has. The following is what you need to know about the talents of the Sweet Dreams exotic shotgun in The Division 2.

Sweet Dreams

Grants a 35% boost to armor if you land a melee attack after changing to the shotgun.


Stops enemies you hit with Sweet Dreams from healing or applying armor kits. Finish them off when the Sandman debuff is active, and you’ll get 35% of your armor back.


Landing a melee attack on an enemy after swapping to this weapon grants 35% bonus armor. This is useful if you suddenly come face to face with enemies. Use the extra armor to run to cover or hold your ground.

Division 2 Sweet Dreams

The talents are not all that great keeping in mind that if you are heading into enemy lines with a shotgun then you are most likely going to shoot rather than melee. On the other hand, this weapon does massive damage so it is worth checking out as it can for some very interesting builds.

Now that we have gone over the talents of the weapon, we can get into how you can actually get this weapon. The Sweet Dreams exotic shotgun belongs to the Outcast faction in The Division 2. This means that you will have to take out named Outcast enemies in order to gain this weapon.

We recommend running the DCD Headquarters mission as you can complete it in around 15 minutes which allows you to run it over and over again rather quickly. The weapon can also drop from the final bosses of Potomac Event Centre and Roosevelt Island missions. Keep in mind that you will need to kill the final bosses in these missions in order to get the weapon.

There is only a small change that this weapon is going to drop but if you increase the difficulty of the missions then you have a higher chance of getting Sweet Dreams. Keep in mind that you should not overdo the difficulty. If you are not comfortable playing at higher difficulties then you should stick to normal. Increasing the difficulty is going to make runs longer and harder.

This is how you can get Sweet Dreams in The Division 2. If you are interested in other exotics then you can check out our guide on how to get the Dodge City Gunslinger Exotic Holster.

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