Division 2 Constitution Hall Recovery Project Guide

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Constitution Hall Recovery Project Guide

Division 2 Constitution Hall Recovery Project Guide

Constitution Hall Recovery is a Campus Project in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 for PS4Xbox One, and PC.

If you wish to complete the Constitution Hall Recovery Project in Division 2, 3 objectives must be completed. Our guide below explains how to finish this project which is a bit more complicated than the rest.

Constitution Hall Recovery Project Description

“Constitution Hall is in shambles but we can help.

If we can secure a foothold there, we’ll be able to help more than just the people within our walls.”

Project Details

Project Location Projects Desk at the Campus Settlement
Unlocking Conditions  Progress through the story

Project Objectives

The project has the following objectives you have to complete.

Requirement Amount
Resupply friendly Control Point in Constitution Hall 50
Donate Kneepads 3
Neutralize Elite Outcasts 2

Project Rewards

For completing the Constitution Hall Recovery in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 you’ll receive the following rewards.

Reward Details
XP The amount depends on your agent’s level
Blueprint: Classic M44 Carbine Replica Reusable blueprint, crafts an item at your level

Division 2 Constitution Hall Recovery Project Guide

To successfully complete this Division 2 Campus Project follow these steps.

Resupply Friendly Control Point in Constitution Hall

First, liberate Ivy Tunnel, Haunted House and The Nest Control Points. Travel to any of them, and talk to a Control Point Officer.

Donate the resources he needs (water, food, or materials). You can find these while exploring the world or at specific nodes.

Check your map to see them, and keep your Control Points well supplied to make more nodes appear on your map. It doesn’t matter what resources you donate as long as you meet the requirement (amount) above.

Donate Kneepads

Purchase Kneepads from any shop or find them in containers. Some enemies also drop them, or you can get Kneepads through crafting.

Assuming you have enough Crafting Materials, head to the White House and use the Crafting Station.

Neutralize Elite Outcasts

These enemies can be identified by the yellow health bars above their heads. They can be found in free-roam; however, most activities include at least one.

Some missions (main or side) also feature Elite Outcasts. Kill 2 of them.

Finalizing the Project

After you complete all objectives, access the Project Tab in the game’s menu and donate the Kneepads.

To collect your rewards, Fast Travel to the Project Manager at the Campus Settlement.

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