Biomutant Cold Zone Suit Guide: How To Get

Biomutant Cold Zone Suit

Biomutant has cold areas which can cause hypothermia and make you die if you do not have proper precaution against it. The Cold Zone Suit allows you to roam these areas and explore them. You can gather loot without the fear of dying. This guide will include all the details on how to acquire the Cold Zone Suit in Biomutant. 

How to Get Cold Zone Suit in Biomutant

The Cold Zone Suit is a reward for completing a side quest. This will allow you to roam the harsh and cold areas in the game. First off, you need to make your way to the Cold Zone Pigdish in the Yerpfields biome. There will be a building here.

Deal with the enemies outside and inside of the building and make your way ahead. You will reach a puzzle that you need to solve. Rotate the dials and make it so that the circuit is complete and working. This will solve the puzzle, and you can make your way to the top.

On the top, you will find a satellite dish. You have to move the dish so that it is aligned and your next location is marked. You need to go to the Bangshelter 10E in the Knackyleaves biome. Deal with the enemies and make your way inside of the shelter.

Explore the whole of the shelter and loot anything you can. At the end of the shelter, you will find the Cold Zone Suit. This will complete the side quest. You can now go back to the cold zones you miss out on and loot those areas. 

This is how you can get the cold zone suit in Biomutant. If you want to learn more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can beat the Hoof Puff boss.

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