Returnal Energy Barriers Guide: How To Pass Through

Returnal Energy Barriers

After arriving at Atropos, Selene, the main character, has to make her way through obstacles and enemies to solves the mysteries on this planet. Along your path of exploration, you will come across energy barriers and vines which block your path. These need to be destroyed by your melee attacks so that you can proceed further. This article will include all the details on how to get the Atropian Blade and how to use it to get through energy barriers in Returnal. 

How To Get Through Energy Barriers In Returnal

The following is what you need to know about getting through the energy barriers:

Acquiring The Blade

The Atropian Blade is your primary melee weapon in the game, which helps you in combat and exploration. You can find it after the first biome, Overgrown Ruins. You can use it by pressing Square on your controller. Do note that the melee blade is the only way to kill the red shield enemies who come across your way from time to time. 

Cutting Through Barriers 

After acquiring the blade, you can cut through vines and barriers by pressing Square. You can cut through most energy barriers with ease, but you cannot cut some barriers unless you have enhanced melee. You can get enhanced melee if you get your Adrenaline level to 3. Getting constant kills without getting hit will allow you to reach level 3 relatively easily.

This is how you can pass through energy barriers in Returnal. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how you can increase your adrenaline levels.

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