RAGE 2 Arks Locations: How to Unlock All Nanotrite Abilities

RAGE 2 Arks are key-locations you’ll have to explore if you want to unlock all Abilities and Weapons in the latest action first-person shooter videogame published by Bethesda Softworks for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

RAGE 2 includes 13 Ark locations; thus our guide and map below explain where to find and how to unlock them.

Furthermore, for each Ark in RAGE 2, we have created a guide to help you get 100% completion at the end of the video game.

RAGE 2 Arks Locations Map

RAGE 2 Arks Locations Map

As you can see on our map above, there are 12 Ark locations you’ll have to explore in RAGE 2; however, the video game includes 13 Arks. You’ll unlock the first one automatically while playing the first story-mission in the video game.

This leaves us with 12 locations you’ll have to visit.

RAGE 2 Arks Overview

Now that you know how many Arks are in RAGE 2, let’s see what they are.

A RAGE 2 Ark, is actually a large building found at one of the locations we have marked above. They are usually guarded, and as you progress through the game; each location you’ll explore will become more difficult to clear.

An Ark in RAGE 2 must be unlocked after you clear the area around it. Once you do that, you’ll have to access it, by opening the main door. You can do that simply by Focusing on it.

Inside, you’ll find a Nanotrite Injector. By simply interacting with it, you’ll be able to access an Ark’s rewards. Usually, after you find an Ark, you’ll have to complete a short tutorial which will explain how to use the ability/weapon you have unlocked.

All Arks Locations & Rewards

Because RAGE 2 Arks are actually in-game locations, they can contain more than one reward or Item of Interest.

Therefore, for each Ark, we have created a specific guide which will help you completely clear these locations. The list below is a summary you can use to access these guides, assuming you encounter difficulties in getting 100% completion while exploring a location.

Feel free to bookmark this page and refer to it whenever you need help exploring an Ark location in RAGE 2.

No Ark Reward
1 Junkers Pass  Shatter
2 Quake Hill Vortex
3 Canyon Cove Defibrillation
4 Great Crack Grav-Jump
5 Spikewind Barrier
6 Strongbox Smart Rocket Launcher
7 Earthscar Slam
8 Needle Falls Grav-Dart Launcher
9 Greenhaven Hyper Cannon
10 Dank Catacomb Firestorm Revolver
11 Dealypipe Rush
12 Shrouded Vault Charged Pulse Cannon