How to Get and Do the Teleport Dodge in Elden Ring?

How to Get and Do the Teleport Dodge in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is an open-world action role-playing game developed by Fromsoftware. The game instantly became a top-selling title of 2022 and later won the game of the year award as well. Elden Ring promises to bring players an immersive and challenging gameplay experience. Featuring an expansive variety of equipment as well as fighting techniques. 

One of the techniques that players will need to master is the teleport dodge which is an enhanced form of a normal quick-step dodge.

This maneuver allows them to avoid attacks and invisibly reposition themselves in battle in any direction they want. In-game this move is known as the Bloodhound’s Step – a part of the Ashes of War collection.  

Beating Elden Ring is quite excruciating as it is, mastering this move will definitely help lower your chances of dying consistently in boss battles.

In this article, we will explore how to do the teleport dodge in Elden Ring and offer some tips on how to use it effectively.

How to Unlock the Teleport Dodge in Elden Ring

To unlock the Teleport Dodge you first need to acquire an item known as the Ash of War: Bloodhound’s Step.

Ashes of war is a collection of special items spread across the game map, that allow the player to enhance or replace the Weapon Skills or affinities of your equipment.

These enhancements can apply to both your weapons and shields. 

Bloodhound’s Step can be used with all melee armaments that allow the equipment of Ashes of war.

This particular Ashes of War item also comes with the Keen affinity, which boosts the dexterity stat of your weapon.

We will breakdown the task of acquiring the Bloodhound’s Step Ash of war into the following steps:

1. Reaching Lenne’s Rise

Lenne’s Rise is a location in Elden Ring situated around the northeast side of Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow, a sub-region of Caelid.

Reaching Lenne’s rise might not be as straightforward as you would think.

The Caelid Region is known for its red and corrupt hostile environment, in addition to being inhabited by a dangerous amount of undead roaming the open fields.

Not to mention the area is also laid with poison traps. 

The best way to reach Lenne’s Rise is through a hidden teleporter located behind the Third Church of Marika.

This teleporter will bring you straight to the northeast side of Dragonbarrow, in front of Bestial Sanctum.

From here run south, downhill toward the bridge guarded by the Flying Dragon Greyll.

Just run past it and take the first left you can after crossing the bridge. 

How to Get and Do the Teleport Dodge in Elden Ring

Your next task is to locate a spirit spring from where you have to drop down to the foot of the hill.

Lenne’s Rise Sight of Grace will be in your sight towards the left now. Just wait until nightfall and this takes us to our next step.  

2. Defeating the Night’s Cavalry  

Right next to the Sight of Grace is the spawn area for one of the Night’s Cavalry boss fights.

When the day succumbs to night, A daunting black knight will spawn on the bridge straight ahead.

Defeating this boss is your last challenge before you secure your Ash of war item. 

You should know that the Night’s Cavalry boss fight is not a walk in the park. In fact, it is known to be one of the hardest bosses in the game.

As it is quite easy to get one shot by one of his charging attacks. Unless you are a true “Souls Veteran”, beating this boss in a traditional way might take several attempts.

But it wouldn’t be a Soul’s game if there wasn’t a secret cheese tactic.

This exploit might be one of the easiest cheese tricks in all of Night’s Cavalry boss fights.

All you need to do is climb up the slanted tree trunk aligned to the right side of the bridge.

Walk right up to the edge and gain the black knight’s aggro with any long-range attack, an arrow will work.

This will cause the knight to run up close to you while being of no threat. 

Now all you need to do is constantly attack the knight with a long-range spell or weapon.

If you are going with a mage playstyle then you are in luck while with a melee build you still can defeat the boss with arrows, throwing knives, poison, etc. 

This might require some patience as the knight’s enormous health bar depletes.

Along with the guilt of cheesing the boss fight, now you will also have acquired the Ash of war item.

How to Use the Teleport Dodge

The Bloodhound’s Step allows you to quickly blink around the enemies, making it a great skill for your defense and offense as well.

This technique can be useful in a variety of situations, such as when facing multiple enemies or trying to dodge powerful attacks that cannot be blocked or parried.

Using Bloodhound’s Step while locked onto a target can make backstabs effortless.

Here’s how to perform it:

  • First, make sure you have a weapon equipped with the Bloodhound’s Step, this can be any melee armament.
  • Now pressing the L2/LT button on consoles or typically the Q key on Pc will trigger your teleport.
  • If the teleport does not trigger make sure you do not have a shield with a parry ability occupying the button. If that’s the case you can either drop it or apply the Ash of war: no skill to the shield.  

It’s important to note that the Bloodhound’s Step is a fairly advanced move and requires a fair bit of practice before getting the hang of it.

Below we’ll talk about all the good practices which will help you get the most out of this technique.

Using the Teleport Dodge Effectively

While the teleport dodge can be a powerful defensive maneuver, it should be used strategically and sparingly.

Teleporting too frequently can quickly deplete the player’s mana reserves, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.

Here are some tips on how to use the teleport dodge effectively:

Time Your Dodges

To successfully dodge an incoming attack with the teleport dodge, players must time their dodge correctly.

If they teleport too early or too late, they may still be hit by the attack, or they may waste their mana reserves on a failed dodge.

Players should pay attention to their enemies’ attack animations and learn their timing to teleport at the right moment.

Additionally, players should be aware that some attacks cannot be dodged with teleportation, such as area-of-effect attacks or attacks that track the player’s movements.

Plan Your Mana Usage

The teleport dodge requires mana to use, so players should plan their mana usage carefully to avoid running out of mana in the middle of a battle.

One strategy is to use other defensive techniques, such as blocking or parrying, to conserve mana when possible.

Players can also increase their mana reserves by leveling up their character or equipping items that boost mana regeneration.

Additionally, players can use mana-restoring items, such as mana potions or spells, to replenish their mana during a battle.

Use the Teleport Dodge to Counterattack

The teleport dodge can be used not only as a defensive maneuver but also as a way to counterattack.

After dodging an enemy’s attack with teleportation, players can quickly reposition themselves behind the enemy and attack from a new angle.

Additionally, some enemies may have weaknesses that can be exploited with certain attacks.

Players can use the teleport dodge to get behind the enemy and attack their weak points, dealing massive damage and potentially ending the battle quickly.


The teleport dodge is a powerful technique that can be used to avoid attacks and reposition players.

To use it effectively, players must time their dodges correctly, plan their mana usage, and use the teleport dodge to counterattack.

By mastering the teleport dodge and incorporating it into their combat strategy, players can gain an edge in battles and emerge victorious in the dangerous world of Elden Ring.


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