Horizon Zero Dawn Control Towers

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn Control Towers Guide: How To Destroy

Horizon Zero Dawn Control Towers

Control towers are introduced as part of the Horizon Zero Dawn Frozen Wilds DLC. You will need to take out these towers as they can heal the wild machines around them. On their own, they are not harmful but you will need to destroy them to progress the game and kill the enemies in the area. In this Horizon Zero Dawn guide, we are going to go over how you can destroy control towers in the game.

Control towers are only in the DLC. If you only own the base game then you do not have to worry about dealing with them.

How To Destroy Control Towers In Horizon Zero Dawn

Where there are control towers, there are machines that are going to gang up on you. Taking the machines on is not going to be easy as the control tower can heal them. We recommend taking the stealthy approach at least until you have taken out the control tower.

Hide in the tall grass and scan the control tower. You will notice that from time to time there are small glowing cubes that stick out of the control tower. This is the weak spot and what you should be aiming at. Shoot at the cube a couple of times in order to destroy the control tower.

It is not worth shooting at the other parts of the machine as they do not take any damage. Shooting the cube is the only way in which you can deal any damage to the machine. This is how you can destroy the control towers in Horizon Zero Dawn.

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