Destiny 2 Fatebringer Guide: How To Get, God Roll

Destiny 2 Fatebringer

Fatebringer is a legendary hand cannon. It was one of the most used weapons in Destiny because of its insane add clearing mechanics. However, this relied mostly on its Dragonfly perk. Destiny 2 has released the hand cannon back into the game. Players have been trying to get it since its release. Many have also found exceptional God Rolls that make the hand cannon somewhat of a broken weapon to use. This guide will include all the details on Fatebringer in Destiny 2 including how you can get the weapon and its god roll. 

All you need to know about Fatebringer in Destiny 2

With the new Fatebringer out, you will be keen to know where to find it. Well, worry not as it is quite easy to acquire. 

How to Get Fatebringer in Destiny 2

Fatebringer is a weapon that you can get by opening chests or defeating Vex enemies in the Vault of Glass raid. However, the drop rate for this weapon is not that high. You might have to complete the raid a couple of times before it drops for you to pick up. It depends mostly on your luck. 


Fatebringer has 84 Impact, 51 Reload Speed, and 51 Range. It has a Magazine Size of 10, 61 Stability and 60 Handling. The weapon has 140 RPM  and 84 Aim Assistance. It has 98 Recoil, and its Direction tends Vertical. 

God Roll/ Perks

For PvE

The most important thing you need on a weapon for PvE is to do enough damage to burst down groups of enemies. Appended Mag and Rewind Rounds give you faster reload and extra ammunition. Full Bore and Firefly are also important perks that help to good damage the enemies. 

For PvP

For PvP, your main goal is to survive from the other online players and take picks where you can. Perks like Smallbore, Accurized Rounds, and Explosive Payload can be advantageous in these situations. However, these are our picks, and you can select any perk you like based on how you play in PvP. 

This is how you can get Fatebringer in Destiny 2. If you want to learn more then you can check out our guide on how you can complete the Vault of Glass raid.

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