Destiny 2 Moves To Steam Starting August 20th

Destiny 2 Steam

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep has been delayed to October 1st but Bungie has announced that Destiny is going to start to move to Steam in the meantime. The move will start on August 20th. Players can sign up to move their progress, guardians and everything else from Battle.Net to Steam.

Bungie has made it clear that everything will migrate to Steam and nothing that you have bought will be lost. Your progression and all your guardians will stay with you. The game will just be moving to Steam. Bungie has confirmed that players can pre-order the Shadowkeep expansion and it will work when the accounts are migrated.

Here is what the official blog had to say regarding Destiny 2 moving to Steam:

As the PC version of Destiny moves to its new home, we’ll be enabling you to move your current characters, gear, collections, and game purchases from Blizzard’s to Steam. The process of linking your accounts will begin on August 20. This will give our PC Community plenty of time to get their Guardians sorted and ready for the new launch on October 1.

As someone that plays Destiny 2 every day, I was hoping for this to happen. If the move happens on the day Shadowkeep is announced then a couple of things could go wrong. We are not sure whether the game will use the same files on Steam or whether players will need to download it all over again. If the migration starts well in advance then players will have the chance to download the game over again and still be able to check out the new content at launch.

Destiny 2 is around 90 GB and not everyone has fast internet. Some players around the work might need a day or two to download the game and download the Shadowkeep expansion as well. I hope that players will be able to pre-load the expansion so that everyone can play together at launch.

Bungie has also made it clear that in order to keep playing Destiny 2 plays will need to sign up for the migration to Steam as the game will no longer be available on Battle.Net after October 1st. I think that most PC players are happy about the game moving to Steam. One of the perks is that regional pricing takes effect. In some regions of the world, you can get Destiny 2 Shadowkeep for as little as $11.

The year one content is going to be free-to-play but if you pre-order Destiny 2 Shadowkeep on Steam, then you will get the base game, Curse of Osiris and Warmind for free. That is a great deal.

Let us know what you think about Destiny 2 moving to Steam and whether or not you are interested in checking out the new Shadowkeep expansion when it comes out on October 1st.

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