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Days Gone

PlayStation 4

Days Gone: Cascade Character Collectibles Locations

Five Days Gone Cascade Character Collectibles can be found in the first region of the latest video game developed by Bend Studio exclusively for PlayStation 4.

The Cascade Character Collectibles count towards the total completion of Days Gone and our locations guide below will explain where to look for them.

The Character Collectibles you can find in Cascade are related to three key-characters Deacon meets in Days Gone: Leon, Copeland, and Manny.

Our guide reveals the collectibles in the same order as they appear in the game menu, thus it will help you track down those you might have missed.

For this type of collectibles, you don’t need a map as they are fairly easy to find.

Leon – “Crude Drawing of An Angel Statue”Days Gone Cascade Character Collectible Location 1

Description: “The drawing taken from Leon near the Buck Meadow Bridge.”

Location: This Days Gone Character Collectible is automatically unlocked while playing We’ll Make It Quick mission.

It is, in fact, the drawing you receive before Deacon and Boozer deal with Leon.

We’ll Make It Quick is part of the Chasing Leon Storyline and can’t be skipped. This makes the Days Gone collectible unmissable.

Copeland – “The Right to Bear Arms”

Days Gone Cascade Character Collectible Location 2Description: A copy of the US constitution found at Copeland’s Camp.”

Location: The second Days Gone Cascade Character Collectible is found at Copeland’s Camp.

You can retrieve it while playing Drifters On The Mountain mission, which will eventually lead you to Copeland’s Camp.

After you walk with Copeland, he will take you to the camp’s upper tower.

Look for this collectible on the table, by the radio station (pictured above).

Copeland – “Hunting Season”

Days Gone Cascade Character Collectible Location 3

Description: A birthday card for Copeland, found in Copeland’s Camp.”

Location: The third Cascade Character Collectible in Days Gone is found in the same tower as the previous one. Basically, you can retrieve it the moment you get “The Right to Bear Arms”.

All you have to do to spot it is to turn right and you’ll see it on a small nightstand by the couch in Copeland’s tower.

Manny – “Happy Birthday, Stud”

Days Gone Cascade Character Collectible Location 4Description: A birthday card for Manny, found in Copeland’s Camp.”

Location: The fourth Cascade Collectible in Days Gone is found at Manny’s Shop.

It can be retrieved while visiting Copeland’s Camp the first time, during the Drifters On The Mountain mission.

To finish the said mission, you’ll eventually have to talk to Manny about your bike. After you talk to Manny, go around his workbench and you’ll see the collectible on a shelf, next to a red car battery (also pictured above).

The said shelf is on the left side while facing Manny’s garage.

Manny – “Zen and the Art of Bike Repair”

Days Gone Cascade Character Collectible Location 5Description:A book found on Manny’s desk in Copeland’s Camp.”

Location: The fifth and final Days Gone Character Collectible in the Cascade region is also located in Manny’s shop.

Once you collect the previous one, look for it on another shelf next to a large tree.

You can easily spot it on the right side of the garage while facing Manny’s workbench.

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