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Code Vein

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Code Vein Assassin Vestige Parts Locations Guide

Code Vein Assassin Vestige

Assassin is one of the Blood Codes in Code Vein and it has 4 vestige parts that you need to collect. In this guide, we are going to go over the different parts and where you can find them in the game.

Where To Find Assassin Vestige Parts In Code Vein

You can get the Assassin Blood Code in the howling pit. It is on a small circular land that is elevated. It is guarded by a single enemy. You will find it on the far left side of the map. Centred by the howling pit entrance mistle and hills of deception mistle.

In order to repair Assassin Vestige 1 you need part A. To repair Assassin Vestige 2, you need part B and C. To repair Assassin Vestige part 3, you need part D. The following are the locations of all of these parts.

A From the Hills of Deception mistle, take the right ramp down and follow the path until you reach the level that lowers the water level. Use it and walk down the tiny ramp. Next, take a left following the left wall to a metal door. Head through the door (requires the Eagle Key to unlock) and take the right path. When you reach the open area with raised ground that has a fire barrel on it, take a left to find the vestige past a concrete wall.
B From the Hills of Deception mistle, take the left ramp down and follow the path straight ahead to locate this vestige.
C This vestige is located behind the Blood Spring near the Hills of Deception mistle.
D From the Howling Pit Entrance mistle, head down the ramp into the pits and make your way west (and slightly north) heading for the flame in the image below. This will bring you to another ramp that takes you up to an elevated platform where you will find the vestige being guarded by an enemy.


That is all for our Code Vein Assassin Vestige guide. If you are interested in learning about the importance of these vestiges and why you need to get them, you can check out our ending guide.

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