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Code Vein Warrior Vestige Part Location Guide

Code Vein Warrior Vestige

Warrior is one of the Blood Codes in Code Vein. In order to unlock the full potential of the Warrior Blood Code, you need to find the Vestige of the Blood Code. In this guide, we are going to go over where you can find the Warrior Vestige part in Code Vein.

Where To Find Warrior Vestige Part In Code Vein

The Vestige part is located in the Crypt Spire. From Crypt Spire Entrance Mistle head into the location. At split take the right path with ladder up (shortcut). When you reach a big platform with a hole in the middle, head for the door on the opposite side. At the split go right. In the next room go on the left outer ring and take a ladder up. Vestige is in the middle.

This Vestige part can be used to repair Warrior Vestige I. Talk to IO at the Home Base in order to do that. The Blood Code as 4 gifts which are as follows:

Gift Warrior Tree Type Gift Type Description
Health Stimulant Light Passive Increases maximum HP.
Improved Regeneration Light Passive Increases the amount of HP restored by regeneration ability.
Feral Tenacity Light Active Receiving fatal damage when your HP is over a certain amount will leave you with 1 HP.
Perfect Balance Light Active Greatly increases resistance to staggering for one attack.


If you are interested in learning more about Blood Codes then you can check out our Code Vein Blood Codes guide.

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